Monday, August 5, 2013

Morgan's last night in Japan

We spent Morgan's last night in Japan in Tokyo.  We got a room for the night at the New Sanno.  After we checked in we headed out to Tokyo Tower for a nighttime view of the city.

On our first subway that night we got on right by the driver's cabin.  So, Garytt got a good look at how things work on the business end of the subway.  They also had all the doors between cabins open, so we were able to look from the back to the was pretty weird watching the front twist and turn ahead of us.

Once again, the summer haze blocked a lot of our distant views.  But, it was still cool to see just how much city is right there in the few miles we could see.  The view below is at the 500 foot mark.

Rainbow Bridge is in the distance

Our only family photo during Morgan's entire trip.
 In the elevator trip to the top observatory the colors flashed several in green...


....Pink....  :)

The view from 820 feet.

It was pretty neat seeing the city from that high!  Hopefully, next time we can get a look without the haze.  Supposedly, on a clear day you can see Fujisan from up there.  We will see...

We had a fabulous visit with Morgan.  Of course, it went entirely too fast.  We could have used a few more days to squeeze in a few more boring "you are now an adult" talks.  :)  The kids had a blast sharing the new things they have experienced with their big sister.  They REALLY enjoyed her taking them to the park every day...something Mom doesn't do as much as they want.  We miss ya Miss Mo!!!!  Can't wait to see you in the Spring!
At Narita, heading off to navigate the airways on her own!  And, she made it from Japan to Korea to Georgia all on her own!!!  Proud Momma here!!!  Love ya!  <3

Hakone with Morgan

Our first trip to Hakone with Morgan wasn't what we expected...lots of clouds and rain.  So, a few weeks later we decided to try again.  We had a bit more success this time around.  And, once again, Kris had a blast driving up the mountain roads. 
Now, this is a switchback!
We made the trip on a Thursday to avoid as much of the crowd as we could.  At the bottom of the ropeway, near lake Ashi, there was no crowd, so we were able to get a car all to ourselves.
Getting ready to get on and head up the mountain

The clouds and steam made it hard to take pictures.  Mt. Fuji was well hidden, so no pictures this day.
Clouds and steam

The ropeway continues to the other side of the mountain.  We didn't go that far.  Our stop was at Owakudani

This is the first time we have been able to see a worker mess with the eggs in the water.

She wanted me to save all of the shell pieces

It's obvious from our three trips to Hakone, that the best time to visit is NOT the summer time.  Too much haze to view Fujisan.