Friday, February 15, 2013

We're the ones in apartment 21...

Our stuff arrived!!  Woohoooooo!!!!  Finally, we can sleep in our own beds, eat with our own dishes, cook with my own ovenware, play with lots of toys, and read every book on our shelves...again.  *S.M.I.L.E.*

Tarp tied to the balcony
I survived my first military un-packing.  It was quite fast and the movers were incredibly nice.  I was a little scared the morning before when the weatherman said we would get rain the next day....would they deliver our stuff in the rain?  Would all our stuff get wet and messed up?  Well, of course not, these guys had a plan!

At 8 a.m. the temporary furniture guys showed up and hauled our temp furniture out...goodbye rock hard beds and tiny, tiny dressers!  While they moved the old stuff out, the moving company got to work tying up tarps so they could move our stuff in without getting too wet.  Luckily, we are on the second floor, so they just came into the apartment and tied the tarps to our balcony and window bars.

Mackenzie's room full of boxes
No room in the kitchen
Laundry room
Walls of boxes in our room
My first task:  check that the crates with our stuff in them were all still sealed.  One out of the seven was not sealed; in fact, it was open with boxes peaking out.

Dining room
Hmmm...wonder how the contents fared.  My second task:  as two of the six movers brought in a box or piece of furniture they would call out a number.  I would then look at the packing lists (8 pages of items....230 items in all) and check off the receipt of the item.  Then, I had to direct the box or piece of furniture to the correct room in the house.  This moved along smoothly for the first hour.  It was at that point that the four guys who were previously bringing boxes from the truck to the apartment no longer had anything to bring up to our floor.  So, now every half a second one of the six guys was calling out a number for me to mark off and send to the correct room.  Wowza!  It got hectic!  And, a word to those who may have the military pack you out in the future....make sure they label your boxes right.  A lot of my kitchen boxes said "Plasticware", when, really they were filled with GLASSware.  Boxes labeled "plastic" are treated different than those labeled "glass".

So, at the end of hour two our household goods were all in the house or in our storage locker.  There were boxes EVERYWHERE!!!  The rest was up to us!  

Garytt's finished room

Garytt again

Mackenzie's room side one

Mackenzie's closets

Our favorite space in the house...where we say goodnight to the moon, we follow the piggy into the puddle, chase Edward through the zoo, feel sorry for the lonely tree who lost his boy, dream about princes and castles, roar with dinosaurs, find out where animals go when we go to sleep...ahhhh....books!!

This is how The Boy cleans his is important because you never know just when a dinosaur might come to life and I'm sure they go straight for the eyes!  Garytt's picture was hijacked by that goofy girl in the back!

Our room.  Only one incident so far....we didn't secure one picture to the wall well enough, so at about 3 in the morning it fell off the wall, onto Kris' dresser and then shattered all over the place.

Pictures in the hallway
Dining room complete...with kiddos making valentines.

School corner.  A little messy then, better now.

It took all of five days to get all of our stuff out of the boxes and into their new homes.  It sure is nice to have our things!  I didn't see the kids for two days...they spent all day playing with the toys they forgot they had, or the Christmas presents they never got to play with.  Ah....our home! 

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