Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kristofer!!!

The kids helped make a great day for Daddy. Garytt helped make the chocolate chip cookie cake. Mackenzie helped make the icing. Then, each kid had one half of the cookie-cake to decorate. Mackenzie did a moon and stars. Garytt did a smiley face and a rainbow. Mackenzie had no help from me in decorating, but the icing bag was a little too cumbersome for The Boy, so I helped quite a bit there. Not my best cake board covering, but I couldn't find parchment paper on base, so wrinkly foil had to work. After chicken adobo for dinner, then cake and ice cream, which was homemade by the kiddos yesterday in a ziplock bag as part of their science lesson this week, he opened the presents. Well, the kids opened the presents and showed him what he got. :) Good times!

Garytt making the batter

And, of course, tasting!

Mackenzie making the icing, with a smidge on her finger to taste in the meantime.

This picture is for my brother, Clayton....leftovers!!!!  Mackenzie has been begging me for more of it.

Left side:  Mackenzie's moon, stars and flowers.  Right side:  Garytt's happy face and rainbow.


Garytt helping

Beautiful pictures from Mackenzie