Friday, May 3, 2013

Dinner out in town

I'm a little slow with this post...and, it will just be a short one.  Last weekend we decided to wander around town for a little bit.  After walking for a while we thought we would try a new restaurant.  We walked down the streets looking at all the plastic food (a lot of eateries here have plastic models of the dishes they serve displayed in cases by the front door), and finally settled on the place below....don't know the name because I can't read it.  :)

We picked out the plastic meals we thought would be the tastiest and headed in.  Just inside the door, to the left, was an ordering machine.  It took us a few minutes to figure out which picture in the machine corresponded to the plastic dishes we saw outside, but we finally figured it out.  So, Kris pushed the button to order the food and a red box popped up with Kanji in it....well, we couldn't read it, so we cleared the screen and tried again....again, the red box popped up.  We did this three or four times before Kris said, "let's try putting the money in first."  That worked!  We ordered three meals and a side then picked out a table toward the back.  Within minutes our plates were on the table. 

My dish:  Chicken, tempura shrimp, salad.  The chicken and shrimp had some kind of mayonnaise sauce on top.  The shrimp was amazing!  I could have eaten a dozen of those things!  The chicken was ok, the sauce was great!

Kris' dish:  Chicken, steak, hamburger steak and a chunk of bacon, the white things on the left side of the main dish are potatoes, and green beans.

The kids' dish:  chicken and salad.  The fries were the extra dish we ordered because we were pretty sure Miss Picky (Mackenzie) wouldn't eat anything we ordered.  She at least tasted the chicken, but only one small piece.
Each meal came with white rice, a block of tofu (I think that's what that is, didn't have much taste to it), and a bowl of soup. 

We all started to dig in.  Garytt was happily tasting everything on his plate.  He dipped his chicken into each of the two sauces on his plate, took a few sips of the soup, dipped some of Mackenzie's fries into the sauces.  About ten minutes into the meal Garytt bumped me on the arm.  I turned and asked him what he needed only to find him holding his neck with both hands, his face a very deep red.  I thought, "oh no!  The Boy is choking!"  I put my hand to his back, getting ready to give him a BIG whack, when he muttered "It's burning my neck".  I asked what was burning and he pointed to this:

A small dollop of spicy mustard.  I'm pretty sure that, if we were cartoons, he would have had steam coming out of his ears!  We got it washed down with water and within minutes he was back to his chicken.  Ha ha  :)  I'm so glad The Boy is adventurous!  This was a nice meal for less than 3,000 Yen...and, a funny story that still makes us laugh!  :)