Sunday, June 2, 2013

Best. Fireworks. Ever. (said with Jazz Hands!)

Last night we took a quick train ride from Yokosuka to Zushi for their "Beginning of Summer" fireworks at the beach.  All I can say is ...  WOW!  I have never seen a fireworks show quite so amazing!  They started shooting into the sky around 730 (we took a wrong train, so ended up being about 15 minutes later than we planned, and the base listed the show starting at 745, so we weren't even close to the beach when we got off the train).  Kris says the first 30 minutes were just test shots, but they shot off quite a few fireworks, I thought it was just a slow build up.  They lasted until 830.  We were able to see some of the fireworks from the road as we walked to the beach.  The last time the kids and I went to Zushi beach we left the station and took a left that led us to the river, which we followed right to the beach.  But, we decided to follow the crowd to the show....well, whoever was out in front didn't know which way to go and kept leading the big pack down dead end streets!  Ha!  We thought we'd be okay following the mob, but we would have been better off just going the way I knew.  Oh well!

Zushi beach is a pretty big beach.  The closest we could get was about half a block from the beach.  There were soooo many people!  I would have liked to have seen the beach just to see the massive amount of people crowded down there!  

 A few YouTube videos.

Zushi Fireworks 1
     -You can hear Garytt say, "Are those fireworks coming from Disney World?"
                                       Me, "No, they are coming from the water."
                                  Garytt, "Out of the water?"
                                       Me, "Not out of the water, there is a boat out on the water shooting them."

 Zushi Fireworks 2
 Zushi Fireworks 3
Zushi Fireworks Finale

The finale was AWESOME!  The whole sky was lit up so bright!  I've never seen a show like that before!  As soon as the show ended there was a mad dash for the train station.  It was insanely crowded walking down the streets....wall to wall people.  The trains weren't too bad.  The first one was crowded, but not so bad that we had to be smooshed in by the men in the white gloves (they terrify me!).  Somehow, Kris managed to get a seat for him and the kids. 

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  1. Once again the adventure continues.. Great that you know your way around that "you" are the expert.

    Well done Daughter... Photos are great!!!