Saturday, November 9, 2013

First day of Fall Sports

Today was the beginning of Fall Sports here at Yokosuka.  Unfortunately, both kids had games at the same time, at different bases (of course).  So, Daddy headed out to Ikego with Garytt for Flag Football (noooo...NOT football!  FLAG football....Garytt is very particular about what you call his sport).  Mackenzie and I headed out to Berkey field for her game here at Yokosuka.

Listening to Coach Nick

Team huddle

Go, Garytt, Go!

Do I run that way?
 I'm pleased with the picture below.  This past week, during practice, after the center snapped the ball to the coach Garytt was supposed to take it from Coach and run it to the end zone.  Well, the ball was snapped, and fast as lightening Garytt was in the end zone.  He checked his hips to make sure his flags were still there and looked at me like, "YEAH!"  Then, coach walked down and showed him the ball that he forgot to take with him.  :)  So, now he has figured out that the ball gets tucked under his arm and carried to the end zone.

Game of Rock Paper Scissors while sitting on the bench

I told Mackenzie to do a T.  Garytt said, "let me see your doughnuts!"
That lets her know which way to aim her palms.

Beginning of the game

We want six!

She was the only one not running around like a crazy kid on the breaks.  Good girl, Kenzie!  Here are a couple videos of her cheers...
Here are a few videos from Kenzie's cheer today.

I think it's going to be a great season!!!