Wednesday, January 22, 2014

GNO in Yokohama

This is a little late...I've been battling a stomach bug for a few days and today is my first day back among the living!

So, last Saturday I was invited along on Girls' Night Out to celebrate my friend, Kristen's birthday.  So, we all met downstairs at 4:30, grabbed a couple taxis, and headed to Chuo Station.  There were eight of us, all from the same building.  We hopped on the next train to Yokohama St. then switched over to Minato Mirai.  The ride up wasn't too busy most of the way.  But, at one point we were joined by a man who was having some issues...when he got on the train, or tried to get on the train, he got his back stuck in the doors.  So, after another lady and I tried to pull his bag in for him the train attendant came over and opened the door so he could get on the train with his bag.  As soon as the doors closed I was overpowered by the smell of alcohol.  WOW!  It made my eyes burn it was so strong.  So, I looked out the window for a few minutes and then I noticed the guy's reflection in the window...he was making really rude faces at himself and muttering to himself as he pulled a big ole beer can out of his conveniently large jacket pocket.  He put on quite a show.  

Anywho...we arrived at Minato Mirai and headed into the mall.  We walked up to check on the wait for our restaurant, Garlic Jo's, which was only about twenty minutes.  Finding a place in Japan that accommodates 8 people easily is quite a challenge.  But, this place fit us all in there nicely at two tables smooshed together.  We put in orders for sangria and picked out our entrees.  I decided to split a couple dishes with my friend, Nina.  We ordered jalapeño garlic spaghetti and grilled garlic smothered chicken.  YUMMY!!!  OH my the food was great!!!  I wish I had taken pictures....sorry....I was too into the fabulous conversations, and LOTS of laughs!  :)

Halfway through dinner I noticed the scenes all over the walls were filled with garlic bulb people.  I know there are Garlic Jo's in the States, but I've never been.  I wanted to take pictures of the cute garlic birds and the garlic ship captain and the fierce garlic pirates.  But, I didn't think everyone trying to eat dinner in front of those pictures would appreciate my hanging over them and snapping shots.  

So, after dinner, we decided to head out into the city and walk around a little bit.  We took a stroll by Cosmo World and then went into the Queen's shopping center.  The winter lights are still up, so that made a pretty scene to walk around in.  We also walked by a dry dock that the city was built around and is now used to show light shows.  It was pretty neat to watch, and was probably even more awesome to be down in and watching the show.  

This is a shot of the dry dock, from my friend Erica.  I tried to get a shot, but it was all black.  :/  It was kinda weird to see all the people lined up in there, within their assigned squares, and standing perfectly still.  

After walking around we headed toward Krispie Kreme for a quick snack...well, it closed at 8 and we didn't get there until 8:07.  Darn!  So, we just walked around a bit more.  Somehow we managed to find ourselves a nice little bar...can't remember the name....something Joe...where we all had a glass of wine and chatted some more.  We started to make our way back to the train station and then on our way home.  We decided to go to Shiori Station, which was my first time there, and then walked all the way home.

What a great night!!!  I had a stupendous evening laughing, eating, drinking, laughing some more, walking and then laughing again with such great ladies!  I made a couple new friends and can't wait until the next GNO!!!  :)

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