Friday, February 21, 2014

Dinner at Delicious

We hit the town tonight to eat at Delicious, an Indian restaurant.  YUMMY!!  I've decided that wherever we end up when we get back to the States HAS to have an Indian restaurant....I think it's become my new favorite food!  Ok...I have lots of favorites, but Indian is WAY up there!

We are always worried about what will be available for the Princess to eat.  Luckily, in Japan we can almost always count on white rice.  This time around, we were able to convince her to at least try the curries once.

What was on the menu....

For starters...both kids wanted Ginger Ale.  It came in a glass bottle, which Garytt thought was great. But, he insisted that it didn't taste right.  So, Mommy drank it.

The shot on the right gives you an idea of how 'big' the place is.  We were at the table closest to the door.  Then, there are three more four-top tables along this wall.  There is a bench to the left of our table with three small tables, probably seats 8 people.  Then, next to that there's two more four-top tables.  It was very quiet.  And, several families with kids Princess and Boy's age were there.  Next time we will make sure not to sit by the door though....brrrr....

 The curry:  We decided to get one mild and one with a bit of spice.  Turns out, the one with the spice wasn't as spicy as we time we will go with the hottest level.  The curry on the left is butter chicken curry.  The one on the right is plain chicken curry.  OMG.....butter chicken curry....WOW!!!  SOOOOOO yummy!!!!  Boy dove right in!  He loved it!  Princess had her mandatory one bite of each curry and that was it.  The plain chicken curry was good, just not as good as the butter chicken.  Two dishes was a lot of curry for us.  Next time we will just get one bowl.  Also, I love the bowls the curries were served in.  Pretty.

The naan:  Now, that's a plate of naan!!!  On the left is the plain naan.  On the right is garlic cheese naan.  I really need to learn how to make this stuff!  Or...maybe not....I would eat it every day!

 The chicken:  On the left is the pakoda (that's what was on the menu, but when I googled it, it says 'pakora').  Basically, just fried chicken for the kids to split.  On the right is spicy garlic chicken.  It was yummy.  Kris really enjoyed it.  I was too interested in the naan to eat too much chicken.

 Here's the whole spread.  Mackenzie also ate the fried rice.  We ended up bringing a bit of it home.  It's not far from the base, so that is a plus on a cold night.  Head to Blue Street, make a right at the Ringer Hut, then it is at the end of the block on the right.  Just a few minutes from the gate.

I just thought this restroom was's in miniature....I would have had to duck to get into it.  We like to call it "Morgan-sized".  :)