Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dinner from Livin

We had to make a run out to Livin tonight for a gift. And....drum roll, please.....I DROVE OFF BASE!!!! And, we all lived to tell about it!!! It wasn't so bad, of course I had Kris there to say, "don't go that way" and "not that turn, the next one." 

So, since it was getting close to bed time for the kids, we decided to try out some of the to-go food in the grocery store. We had NO clue what most of it was, so it was an adventure. :)  And the results were:

1. Kris' choice, we split this plate....yakisoba and octopus balls. I had no clue what they were. Kris took a bite, said, "there's seafood in there" and since I like seafood, I ate my two. When I finished he said, "did you happen to see what you were eating?", I was hungry so I inhaled them. He then let me know that there was octopus in them. What?! I said, "how do you know? I thought it just tasted like fish." He said, " I took a bite, looked in the middle of the ball, and saw tentacles." Haha. Well, I thought it was mighty tasty!!

2. My two choices, we also split this plate....I thought the two on the left were chicken and the two on the right were pork. Turns out the two on the left were crab croquettes and the two on the right were potatoes. The crab croquettes were very tasty. The potatoes were good too, kind of like a chicken pot pie wrapped in breading and fried...there were peas and carrots inside. 

3. Joint choice: gyoza. YUM. Nuff said. And, there were plenty left over for lunch tomorrow!

4. Mackenzie's pick: tonkatsu (fried pork patty), gravy and rice. She actually tried dipping her pork in the gravy (this picky child does not like to dip anything in anything, so this was HUGE for her). She only did it once though. 

5. Garytt's choice: beef patty, rice, spaghetti, and an egg on top. He ate all of it but the yellow part of the egg. 

For less than $15 we were able to fill up on yummy food and have an experience to laugh about. Oh....and, I DROVE OFF BASE!!!!  

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