Saturday, April 12, 2014

Poppies at Kurihama Flower World

Poppies...poppies...  It's that time of year!!! Kurihama Flower World is opening!  Woop woop!!  The kids and I overheard someone say the poppies were blooming at Flower World, so the next day we packed a lunch and headed out to see the lovely flowers!  Oh...and, play at that awesome park!                                                 We made it out of the house by 1030, hopped on the train at Chuo and ten minutes later we were stepping off at Keikyu Kurihama Station.  I let Garytt lead the way today, that makes the walk a little more interesting if they can chose the direction.  On the way we happened to walk past a stand with the Kit Kats that get baked in the oven, we made a note, and made sure we stopped here on our way back home.  (by the way...we broiled the Kit Kats for about three or four minutes that night...YUMMY!!  Very sweet, but oh so yummy!)

On our walk toward the entrance I had a nice shot of the cherry tree street.  The trees are at just about the end of their flower blooming time, so they aren't full of flowers.  But, there was enough to get a good shot.

When we got into the park (around 1130) I had the kids sit for a minute to take a few shots with the poppies behind them.  As I snapped the picture I noticed the orange cone near the path.  OH NO!  The paths aren't open yet!!!!!!!  Geesh!  All that walking and the paths weren't even open!  The sign says 12 April.  Guess we will make another trip next week.

These flowers were pretty awesome.  I like the spiky petals.  Tulips, maybe?

They look so beautiful!  We ended up having to hike up the hill all the way to the right of the picture below...on the other side of that wooden fence.  The kids were all about it, for about five minutes.  Then, they were tired and they were hot and they were hungry and they were thirsty and their feet hurt and... and... and....

The blue poppies weren't as big as the other colors.  They are at the back of the fields and can't even be seen from the front of the park.  Maybe when we get back next week they will be more pronounced.

There were several workers out in the fields clearing paths, pulling weeds, and raking the paths.

Halfway up the hill we stopped to eat lunch and watch the little "train" drive by with people my kids deeply envied because their awesome mothers allowed them to ride on the "train" up the hill instead of forcing them to walk their little legs off!  (I must kids slept GREAT that night!  1.5 miles to the train station.  1.5 miles to the park.  1.5 back to Kurihama Station.  1.5 from Chuo to home.)

There were a lot of tulips blooming.  I haven't quite figured out the flower shooting techniques on my camera yet.  I was hoping to have a whole field to practice on today instead of having to take the long distance walk up.  

Once we got to the top the kids quickly ditched me and ran for the FUN!                                              

First, a few trips through Godzilla's belly slide.  Then, off to the rope ladders, zip line, and towers.

While they played at the park I played with my camera.  First, I found a young couple relaxing under one of sakura trees.  Then, an older couple chatting, taking pictures of each other and enjoying the beautiful day.
He snaps a picture
Shows her the picture.

This guy wins the #1 Grandpa award for the day...proudly carrying that Barbie backpack all afternoon.

And, this is what a sakura tree looks like when the blooms have fallen off.  Mackenzie really likes the stars left behind.

If the weather holds up, we will be back mid-week to walk amongst the poppies.