Sunday, September 7, 2014

And, the busy season has started....

Waiting for the game to start
Two weeks ago we launched our 2014-2015 school session.  The kids and I are busily traipsing through the new books and learning, learning, learning!  But, school books aren't the only things keeping us so busy this month.  Soccer season started!!  Woo hoo!!  This is Garytt's first year on a competition team, so that's very exciting.  And, Mackenzie is looking at her second competition season.
This Saturday was opening day for the games.  Garytt started at 0900 here at Yokosuka.  Mackenzie, of course, started at 1000 at Ikego ~ about a twenty minute drive from here.  So, the Hubs and I split up....I stayed here for Boy's game and Daddy trekked out to Ikego for Mackenzie's game.  
Garytt and I got dressed up and headed to the field around 0845.  I am soooo glad I changed my mind about wearing jeans to this game.  Man, was it hot!  In the mid 80s with 70% humidity.  But, the heat didn't stop these kids from giving it their all!

Garytt's team did really well.  We seemed to have a few more star players than the other team, so we kinda dominated.  I didn't get too many shots because the humidity rendered my lenses useless.

At about 0915, Kris and Mackenzie packed up and headed to her game.  He said they did really well. I guess the humidity was a little less imposing here, because the camera didn't fog at all for Kris.

Throw in

Both kids had a blast for their first games.  And, I'm glad we are back in the swing of sports season!

So, we had a bit of an issue last week in karate.  Garytt, who is the youngest by a couple years and smaller in height than everyone else, was having issues with a new move.  Sensei was having a hard time explaining so he would understand, and Garytt just kept messing up.  Well, I saw at one point that Sensei stopped the class and was talking ~ glass windows are thick enough that we can't hear what's going on in there.  They moved on to the next lesson and things went fine for the rest of class.  When we got home I asked Garytt to show me the block/punch he was having problems with.  He refused.  I asked again and commented that he would only get better if he worked on the maneuvers that don't come as easily.  He still refused.  So, I dropped the issue.  An hour later, at the dinner table, he put his head down and said, "Mommy, the older kids laughed at me in karate today."  {Momma heart breaking to pieces}  So, we had a discussion about ignoring and how amazing we think he is...he's only been in karate for a little over a year and he's already skipped two belts.  He perked up and then told us that Sensei told them not to laugh and that it was disrespectful.  Yay, Sensei!

Here is a little snippet of Garytt when he was invited into the Advanced Class two weeks ago.  The power those little arms possess is amazing!

Now, fast forward five days, and Garytt gets to karate class a few minutes early.  Sensei has him come in to class, makes all the other kids sit down along the wall (these are the beginner kids, most his age or a year younger), and then he has Garytt demonstrate the correct way to punch and block.  {Now, this Momma heart is bursting!}  Such a boost for a little boy who was so discouraged at the last class!
Boy on display
Stretch those legs
A few minutes after this, three new people walk into class.  A man that looks to be about the same age as me, and two younger kids, maybe 18ish.  Turns out, this older man took karate from Sensei's grandfather, and he is also the man who started the Dojo where Garytt now practices.  He was a guest Sensei for the night.  The kids had a lot of fun doing new things.

I ended up taking pictures for the guest Sensei and managed not to get any shots on my phone with him in the group.  But, here is a shot of the beginner and intermediate classes.  The two boys in the back, on the right, are the guest Sensei's helpers.

Here is the guest Sensei (I really wish I had asked his name...) talking to the kids before they get down to business.

Learning how to kick.  His punches and blocks are out of this world.  His kicks...need a bit of work.  How in the world am I supposed to help him get out of the habit of bending at the waist when he kicks???  

What a great ending to the week!  Karate fun and soccer competition!  Now, if the humidity would just go away, we would be golden!  :)