Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chojagasaki Ohama Beach (Near Hayama)

This is going to be mostly a picture-post.  We went to the beach yesterday with good friends and had an amazing time!  Fun in the sand.  Accidental fun in the water (well, fun up until the sun was inches from the horizon and the wind started to pick up, then there were a few tears and lots of shivering).  A beautiful sunset.  And, a yummy dinner to round out the trip.  Without further adieu....

We arrived around 1500 and parked in a nearly empty lot right next to the beach.  On the way out, Nina pointed out several other parking areas.  These places are obviously pretty packed during the summer and warmer weekends.  During peak time there are parking fees for all these lots, but we are out of season now, so it was free.  Also, the lots tend to close kind of early...around 1800.

Playing in the water.

Mackenzie found a crab's shell

The sun setting and Fujisan off to the right.  I really wish I had my camera instead of my phone.  

The boys playing dangerously close to the water - after their clothes had already been changed once.  

After running around on the beach we were all getting a little hungry.  So, we decided to stop at Denny's...our first time at a Denny's in Japan.  Well, actually, my kids' first time at a Denny's ever.

This is a shot from Denny's outdoor seating.  I could just imagine myself sitting out here in the morning, with a cup-o-joe, a yummy pastry, my camera, and a good book....then, the screeches of my children brought me back to reality.  

There wasn't an English menu, so this is what I had.  I think it was oysters.  The veggie salad on the right was delish....roasted zucchini, cabbage, and pumpkin.  WOW!

Garytt's pancake

If I can figure out how to get back to this place, I hope to make it out there several more times.  There is an Imperial Villa on this beach.  The Imperial family comes to Hayama sporadically for their winter retreat.