Thursday, March 12, 2015

Taura Ume no Sato ~ Taura Plum Park

Last week we went with friends to see the ume blossoms at Taura Plum Park.  Trip bonus:  The Ninja Park!!!  
We left the house around 1000, we waited for our friends to finish up with a class at the school, and I was able to squeeze in a quick doctor's appointment to see about the horrendous reaction I've had to whatever allergen is floating in the air right now.  So, around 1030, I think, we headed off to the JR station.  It was a beautiful day!  The sun was shining and it was warm in the sun!  Great day for a hike with friends!
The train ride is only a few minutes.  Just one stop from Yokosuka JR to Taura Station.  From the station I wasn't quite sure which way to go.  I read that there were pink flags to follow, so that's what we did.  The only problem I found was that at some intersections the pink flags were posted in both directions.  How the heck does that work?  At one point I saw an American man walking with his wife and asked for directions.  He was nice enough to give me his map and explained that there were a few different routes to the park, some more difficult than others.  Now, with map in hand, we were on our way!
The walk through the city took us about 30 minutes.  We found the stairs that lead up to the park and made our way up and up and up and up!  Lots of stairs!  Maybe we should have taken the easier, but longer route?  Any who, we made it up the stairs and into the land of plum blossoms!  There were light pink blossoms.

Dark pink blossoms

And, white blossoms.

The trees weren't quite in full bloom.  I imagine when they are, this park is amazing to walk through! It was beautiful walking through even without full blooms.

A view from the top.

Once we were at the top, we could see where the ninja training park was.  We didn't think we would ever make it here!  Geesh!  We went up and up and up, over a hill, then up another hill, then behind an observation tower.  Finally, we saw it!

It's just one long line of obstacles.  The kids and a blast!  Some of the obstacles were more fun than others and required several trips.  What would have been nice was a bench near the play area.  After my allergies had me surviving on a few crackers and maybe a bowl of soup for the previous three weeks, I didn't have enough energy to make the walk and then stand around waiting for the kids to finish playing.

I didn't get a shot of it, but the first obstacle was a zip line.  Now, it took some coaxing to get Boy on the zip line since a week before this he went to Kannonzaki with Daddy and took a dive off the zip line there, and absolutely refused to ever get on another zip line in his entire life!  But, after seeing the other three having a good time, he gave it a try, and remembered that he loved it!

Here is the second obstacle, a little balancing

The third obstacle...this was one of the favorites of the day.  I didn't get a good full on shot, but it's shaped like an upside down U.

The third obstacle


The rock wall on the fourth obstacle.

The fifth obstacle.  Which actually gives ninja skill instructions!

He refused to look at the instructions, so this one wasn't quite right.

The final obstacle.  Not as much fun as the net at Kannonzaki

I think we headed back toward the base around 2 and made it home around 3.  Definitely a park we will be adding to our list to revisit...many times!!!  Especially since I didn't have the energy or mind power to make my body participate in the obstacle fun.  I kind of feel like I rushed the kids through this park.  I didn't have the energy to wander through the trees like I normally would have, either.  I'm sure the blossoms are gone by now, especially with the 40 mph winds we've had over the last few days.  So, a plum viewing spot for next year.

Now, that's a mighty big coke from a vending machine!

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