Monday, October 5, 2015

Rainy Day at Yunessun! aka Aaahhh....a Spa!!!!!

What to do when family is in town and every current in the Pacific has decided to stir up a typhoon?

YUNESSUN, of course!!!

We didn't really rush to get up and out of the house too early.  I think we were out of the house around 10 and made it to the Yunessun by lunch time.  But, guess was raining!  Good thing we were (mostly) going to be inside for the day.  And, the time when we weren't inside, we were in an outdoor spa, so the rain didn't matter much.  

After a quick lunch in the back of the van in the parking lot we made our way inside.  

We paid our admission fee at the counter ... for the Yunessun only it was 2800 for adults and 1500 for kids.  (Parking was 1,000 for the whole day)  We got our tickets and walked to the little ticket machine, where we scanned our pass and entered the awesomeness!  We all got a towel and a locker key.  After taking our shoes off we made our way to the locker rooms to change.  Each person got their own locker, so we all had our own keys as well, that were attached to a bracelet.  The kids were able to keep track of their own keys, so I didn't have to wear three of them, which was nice!  

This is the view from the main room that you enter as soon as you leave the locker room area.  It's a huge pool and had many, many people in it.  Every once in a while the balcony above shot water into the pool.    We skipped this and made our way to the outdoor pools first.  

You can see the snack bar at the back.  They had several noodle dishes and snacks then they had sodas and beer and free water.  To the side of the pool, along the wall, there are many hooks where we just hung my bag which held all of our towels and my phone.  Oh, speaking of phone...we were out of the loop.  Everyone here had a special plastic cover for their phones so they could take pictures and not have to worry about it getting wet.  I went all out and put mine in a ziplock baggie.  Ha!

The first area we saw was the kiddie pool.  Garytt saw the item in the next picture and said, "No way!  I don't want to go in the kiddie pool, I want to go .... 

... HERE!!!!  So, we made our way to the top of the steps and we chose from one of three slides.  The farthest right was the hardest and the farthest left was the easiest.  Garytt took the easy route.  Kris took the middle route.  Mackenzie said, "No, thanks" and stood to the side to watch.  After she watched everyone go down a couple times, she likes to let other people test things out before she jumps in on the action.  But, she did go!  And really liked it!  Garytt would have spent all day here.  By the end of the day he was on the most difficult slide.  I tried that one once and thought I broke a hip from slamming back and forth down the slide.  

While the kids went down the slide over and over and over and then over again, the adults hung out in this nice spa! relaxing!  When the rain picked up Tisha and I made our way into the cave (it's behind that waterfall in the picture below).  

At one point we did convince the kids to head inside so we could try out the different specialty spas.  First up:  Coffee spa.  It smelled like coffee and was a very dark color.  Everyone waited in this pool so I could run and get my ziplocked phone and take pictures.

Next up was the green tea spa.  This tub is pretty small so we didn't spend too much time here either.

From here we walked by the sake tub because it was always full of people.  We took a minute to sit in an aromatherapy room before heading to the wine spa.  Yes, wine!  Signs everywhere say, "Do not drink".  Uhh...gross!  This room had a very strong sulfur smell.  My skin felt very soft after getting out of this one.

While we were in this spa a guy came in with a bucket of wine.  He started talking really loud and we quickly figured out that he was about to throw wine on everyone.  So, I ushered the kids out of the pool and got in position to record...

We spent the majority of our time in the outdoor pool and slides.  What a great rainy-day adventure!