Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Havens family makes it to DisneySea!

After the news of the severity of Aunt Tisha's broken bone, we all discussed the plan for the next week.  It didn't look like Tisha would be out of the hospital for roughly, 5-7 days.  The only thing we had set in stone for those days:  DisneySea.  But, but, but...what about Aunt Tisha and Uncle Clayton??  They insisted we go on without them with the condition that we have fun and tell Aunt Tisha all about it, every single detail!  

So, early Tuesday morning we made our way from Hardy Barracks to DisneySea.  We may have made a wrong turn or two, and it ended up taking us a little longer than planned to get there.  But, we didn't have to wait in much of a line to enter once we were there.  

So, with tickets in hand, we made our way into one of the most Magical places on earth!  The first thing we noticed was all the costumes.  There were princesses everywhere!  

 And, wow oh wow, the crowds!  We knew that Toy Story was the popular ride and so we immediately made our way to Fast Pass that ride.   So, we walked through the tunnel below, magically decorated for a Disney Halloween, and took a left and ran into...

A MAJOR crowd!  No way this was the line to get onto Toy Story.  What was going on up there that we were missing out on??  Kris ran on ahead to see what the deal was.  Turns out, those hundreds, yes, I said hundreds, of people were all waiting just to get a Fast Pass!  The line for the actual ride was already an hours long wait.  What to do...what to do...guess we'll skip it this time.

So, off in the other direction we go.  The kids see a fiery volcano and insist we head in that direction.

 On our way, we ran into an English speaking park guide!  I think he was so excited to see tourists that he could speak his native language with that he was just planning on giving us a big tour!  He walked a ways with us, explaining which rides were most popular which to Fast Pass, which times of the day to do certain things.  After a good idea of our plan for the day, we made our way to the volcano!

Disney parks are doubt about it.  But, this park is perhaps my favorite park ever!  The way each section tells a story and just flows from one area to the next.  I could have spent a few days here just roaming around exploring.  The buildings were magnificent.  The decorations were perfect.  It was just...magical!

According to the park guide, this was the first of three days of a testing period for letting people wear costumes at the park.  They had never done this before.  Lucky us...or unlucky, I'm not sure.  At the beginning of the day it was pretty neat to see all the costumes.  But, after our 50th Snow White of the day it was getting a little old.  Mackenzie didn't really even care if we saw the actual park princesses. Not only was it princess overload, but they were also posing and laying in front of all the decorations, so it was impossible to get any pictures of the kids in front of their favorite areas.  Luckily, we live close by and can make another trip to the park at another time.  

After we grabbed our first Fast Pass, we had coffee and explored a bit.  We were able to get in line and get onto 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea pretty quick.  The kids thought it was so much fun walking down the walkway to the ship.  And, Boy thought it was fantastic that we were getting to ride on an actual sub!  What?!  So, we started off...and then came the whimpering.  Poor kids, the first ride they got on and they were both scared!  Once we were off the ride they said they liked it okay, though.  Shew...

Next up:  Fast Pass for Indiana Jones!  Ok, so they might have actually cried on this ride.  Geesh...ride number two and they are both freaking out!   Now, we don't usually fall for the "buy the picture we take of your terrified faces" thing...but, that picture was far too hilarious not to buy it!

He did have fun that day!

Ariel's area was awesome!  The music!  The colors!  And, that flirty mermaid!  So, we made our way to Ariel's show.  We found seats and then the show started.  It was in Japanese, so we couldn't understand much of what she said.  But, we just had fun watching her swing around from the ceiling on a harness and rope.  And, that red-haired mermaid waved and blew kisses at my little Boy time and time again.  He was in heaven!  He was infatuated! 

 After Ariel's area we made our way over to Jasmine's area.  

We decided to have lunch around 1ish, I think.  Turkey legs, salad, hamburger patty and rice.  It was yummy!

Next up:  Storm Rider.  This.  Was.  Awesome!  We got tossed around, we got rained on, we went underwater, through the winds.  It was just FUN!  The kids wanted to do this one again!

After Storm Rider, right next door, we hopped on these little water rides.  We zipped all over the little pool and then back to the dock.  We rode this a few times.  Both kids claimed this to be one of their favorites.  Possibly because no boulders came flying at their faces, and no many-tentacled monster tried to eat them.  :)

For the rest of the day we did easy rides that the kids loved!  Carousel, flying magic carpets, those sorts of rides.  The kinds of rides that put those huge grins on those little faces.  With as many people as we saw there, many of our ride waits were less than 20 minutes.  Some, we walked on within minutes.  I think the crowd was just there for the photo ops.

At one point people were crowded around the Mr. Potato Head guy and laughing.  I couldn't figure out why.  Yes, it's a cool costume.  But, why so funny?  Then, the guy's head popped up out of the body, looked around, and slowly lowered back down into the potato body.  
Ok...that's pretty darn funny!!

 As we were making our way to the American Waterfront, we decided to hop a ride on one of the steam boats.  We wandered around peacefully in the water as we checked out the scenery.  What surprised us, was that the boat didn't wander through the whole park like the steamboat at Tokyo Disney.  At this park there are several docks where the boats take you a little ways down the river.  :(  So, we hopped off the boat and tried to decide where to go next.  As we were waiting we heard that familiar voice, Captain Jack Sparrow!  I wasn't sure if it was just a fan dressed as him or the actual park character.  Then, I saw the park attendant with him...he's the real deal.  Another clue...the gaggle of giggling girls following him.  We stopped to check him out and as we did, he pointed at Garytt and asked him for help.  Garytt went to him and he had Garytt get the girls to line up.  Once they were lined up he asked Garytt a few questions and then asked him to wave his hands and walk in front of the girls.  As Garytt did this, Jack Sparrow took off for the "Employees Only" door and disappeared!   Ha!  He used our handsome Boy as his distraction so he could escape the mob!  The park attendant was really embarrassed by this, she asked if we were able to get a picture of them together and if we didn't she would arrange it so we could.  Not sure how she was going to do that, because the guy disappeared quick as lightening!  Luckily, we got several shots!
Even the soap comes out
as Mickey ears!

After several more rides, and a look at the water parade, we made our way to the gift shop.  The kids wanted popcorn and a souvenir.  Plus, we had to find cool stuff for Aunt Tisha and Uncle Clayton!

 As we were walking to the car Mackenzie said, "Aunt Tisha would have really liked to be here today."  Then, we spied a girl dressed as Belle...Kenzie insisted we get a picture because Aunt Tisha loves Belle!  The girl was quite shocked that we wanted a picture with her, ha!  But, she happily posed with Mackenzie.

What an amazing day!  We heard many times throughout the day, "I wish Uncle Clayton was here." and "Aunt Tisha would love that!"  We just couldn't take it any longer...we had to go see those two awesome people!  So, over the river and through the city to Aunt Tisha's bedside we go!  

Since we were in a new part of the city and we weren't sure where parking was, we ended up just driving to the first P we saw.  Turns out, it's one of those underground parking systems!  Woot!  A new experience!

Drive up to Berth B and park.  Get a ticket from the guy.  Drive the car into Berth B.  Get out.  The doors close and then the floor drops out...down down down goes the car!  

The kids were so happy to finally see Aunt Tisha after her fall.  Although, the whole pin in the leg thing may have freaked them out a bit.  But, Aunt Tisha, even through her pain and discomfort, put on the biggest Aunt-smile she had and they gladly explained their Disney Adventures to her!   

Now, to let her get a little rest.  We took Uncle Clayton and made our way back to Yokosuka.  Here comes the car from the depths of the garage!

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