Monday, January 11, 2016

Kyoto 5-day Itinerary

What a phenomenal trip!  From the high tech train ride that started our journey to the hundred-year-old buildings we walked through we were constantly moving...through the city and through history.  I'm so grateful we were able to share this journey with Kris' parents...memories we will all cherish!  I hope you can make it through all of my ramblings for these five days.  I've enjoyed writing and remembering every step we took that week.  We walked over 50 miles in five days!  50. Miles.  The 7 and 9-year-old didn't complain about the walking at all...probably because of all the awesomeness they saw with every ten steps or so.

Day 1


The full blog about our day 1 adventures can be found here:  Kyoto Day 1

Arrive in Kyoto at 1300 and have lunch, then...

We walked from:
Kiyomizu Gojo Station --> Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine --> Kiyomizudera Temple -->  back to Kiyomizu Gojo Station --> Aotake-an House -->  Dinner --> Yasaka Shrine --> Through Gion District --> Aotake-an Home around 8 pm.

Total miles walked:   9.2 miles

Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine
Admission price:  Free
Hours:  24 hours

Admission price:  300 adult; 200 child
Hours:  0600-1730/1800/1830
during certain times it's open 1800-2100 for an additional admission price

Yasaka Shrine
Admission Price:  Free
Hours:  24 hours

Day 2

Arashiyama Monkey Park

The full blog about our adventures this day can be found here:  Kyoto Day Two

We walked from Aotake-an --> NASA BuilDing Bus stop ~ bus to Kinkakuji ~ train to Arashiyama --> walk to Bamboo Grove --> Tenryuji --> Arashiyama Monkey Park --> train station back to Kiyomizu Gojo Station --> Kiyomizu-dera --> Aotake-an

Total miles walked:  11.8

Admission:  400 Adult, 300 Children
Hours:  0900-1700

Bamboo Grove
Admission:  Free
Hours:  24 hours

Admission:   500 Adult, 300 Children
Hours:  0830-1700

Arashiyama Monkey Park
Admission:  550 Adult, 250 Children
Hours:  0930-1600

Kiyomizu-dera Night Illuminations
Admission:  300 Adult, 200 Children
Fall Illumination Hours:  1800-2100

Day 3

Ginkaku-ji (Silver Pavilion)

The full blog about our expedition can be found here:   Kyoto Day 3

Starting out around 0930, we walked from Aotake-an to the bus stop ~ Ginkaku-ji ~ then walked: Ginkakuji --> Philosopher's Path -->  Eikan-do --> Nanzen-ji --> Restaurant Miyako --> Heian Jingu --> Gion District --> Aotake-an

Total miles walked:  10.25

Admission:  500 Adult / 300 Children
Hours:  0900-1600

Admission:  600 Adult / 400 Children
Hours:  0900-1600

Admission:  The grounds we walked were free
(from the Gate to the Main Temple to the Aqueduct)
Walking through the Gate cost about 300, I believe
I think to get into the temple it was about 500 Adult / 300 Children
Hours:  0840-1600

Heian Jingu
Admission:  The area we walked was free
(through the main gate and around the courtyard)
I think it's about 500 or 600 yen to get into the gardens behind the courtyard
Hours:  0600-1600

Day 4
Nijo Castle

The full blog about our touring for the fourth day can be found here:  Kyoto Day 4

A bus to Kawai Shrine --> Tadasu-no-mori --> Shimogamo Shrine --> Rozan-ji --> Imperial Palace --> Nijo-jo --> Nishiki Market Street

Total Miles walked:  12.7 miles

Kawai Shrine
Admission:  Free
Hours:  I can't find hours listed anywhere

Shimogamo Shrine
Admission:  Free
Hours:  0630-1700

Admission:  Free
I think its 500 yen to get into the garden
Hours:  0900-1600

Imperial Palace
Admission:  we walked the outer grounds and it was free.
You can make an appointment ahead of time to tour the inside.
Hours:  24 Hours
Tours are between 1000-1400

Admission:  600 Adult 350 Children
Hours:  0845-1600

Nishiki Market
Admission:  Free

Day 5

You can find the full blog about our final day here:  Kyoto Day 5

We took a train from Kiyomizu-Gojo to Fushimi Inari --> Sanjusangendo --> Aotake-an --> Kyoto Station --> HOME

Miles for the day:  10.3 Miles

Fushimi Inari Taisha
Admission:  Free
Hours:  24 hours

Admission:  600 Adult 400 children
Hours:  0900-1600

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