Sunday, March 27, 2016

AnimeJapan 2016 ~ A Blog by Mackenzie

Mackenzie was invited to AnimeJapan 2016 in Tokyo today with her bestie, Emily, and her family.  Most of this page will be in Miss Mackenzie's own words.  :)

While she was bouncing around the Big Sight in O'Daiba, Garytt and I walked around Yokosuka, ate dinner out, and then hit up the Daiso for some fun stuff ~ a welcome trip off base since I think we've been cooped up in the house for almost three weeks with various stomach and head illnesses.

Coco's for dinner.  I was surprised he ate as much as he did since he's been so sick for the last week.  But, he finished all but one slice of his chicken cutlet, and about a quarter of his rice.  He kept saying, "Please don't tell Mackenzie about all the fun stuff we did today, because I want to tell her all about it."  He got a golf game to share with his sister from Daiso.  And, he promptly broke the end off the club.  Haha...oh well.  

Some of the deliciousness he decided Mackenzie would like.  

And...the main event....Mackenzie says:

We went to Tokyo.
It was a 40 minute train ride.
Then a ten minute train ride.
Finally, one more stop until we were there.

After we got there we went to eat lunch at Coco's, but it was taking FOREVER!  We were #385!  Three. Hundred. Eighty. Five.  Since it was taking too long we went to FamilyMart instead.  Japanese peanut butter sandwiches are soooooo good!

I got to see Miku and Chewbacca!!!
(Mackenzie has been a fan of Miku since we moved here 
and she found a mask at the Yokosuka street carnival)

I totally forgot to open my jacket so you could see a picture of me in my Princess Pew Pew shirt with Chewbacca!  

I got to see Pikachu!!  A giant Pikachu balloon in the air (said with big sweeping arms).

I got to see Optimus Prime!!!!  (Me:  I know, Mrs. Jaimie sent me a picture!  That's so cool!)  Mommy, did you think it was weird that Optimus Prime picked me up?  I was like, "Oh my gosh! OK, you can pick me up."  We saw him with a lot of boxes and we were like, "Ooooohhh.....thats why he wants all those boxes."  His suit is made out of boxes!!  Boxes!!!  He picked Emily up, too.  Kayla said " thanks!"

My favorite part today was meeting Miku.  Well, it was a girl dressed up like Miku.  There were a lot of people dressed up like characters and they would just let you take pictures with them.  Anybody could take pictures with them!  

There was even a guy there that was taller than Mrs. Jaimie!  He had these things on his legs that made him really tall.  (Me:  Stilts?)  YES!  Stilts!  It was so funny!

The M and Ems....Miss Mackenzie and her bestie, Emily.

Oh, Mommy...I didn't miss pizza night after all!!!  I had pizza for dinner!  

This was THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!


She was so excited to get this arm creature.  

She got one for her brother, too.  

She also got two alpacas.  One for her and one for her brother for Easter.

And, her bag of stuff....folder, stationary, magazines, and then ads.  She told Garytt she would let him have it....then whispered to me, "It's all in Japanese anyway."  

Love that girl!

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