Monday, April 4, 2016

Yokosuka Sakura 2016

With all the rain over the last couple days, and then the wind today, the trees are not as pretty as they could be.  Darn.  With the break in the rain this afternoon, though, I decided the kids and I would take a walk to Mikasa Park for a few spring pictures.  Last year's spring pictures were perfect.  This year...not so much.  Well, at least the weather wasn't perfect.  The Kenz was perfect.  The Boy...he was perfect for five minutes, and then he was irritated that I made him come along.  

It's a bit chilly today, so instead of her cute Spring-y dresses, she opted for jeans and a long sleeve pink shirt.  Now, "her legs wouldn't freeze and her shirt would match the flowers!" 

Boy's outfit was a bit of a disaster.  When we left the house he refused to let me take any pictures of him.  He did NOT want to put on his "fancy pants" today.  Well, when we got to the first flower bed he asked for the little camera.  I agreed, IF he would sit for a few pictures for me.  

He agreed.  

At first...

Taking pictures for me.

Last year this path was beautiful with petals.  This year, the trees are partially green, but mostly bare because the wind has blown the petals off the branches.  Such a disappointment.

This is where Boy decided he didn't want to stand still for any more shots.

Mackenzie's reflection shot

Pretty tulips in the garden around the park.

Absolutely refusing to be in any more pictures today.  Until....

He decides to photo bomb his sister.

 Sakura Heights ~ Our Home

When he saw his sister do this, he had to do it too.  
So, I managed to squeeze in a couple more Boy shots.  :)

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