Tuesday, June 21, 2016

An Awesome Visit to Kamakura Owl's Forest

As part of our adventures when my mom came to visit, we made a little pit stop on our way to see Big Buddha and walked amongst some owls!  

We drove to Kamakura and parked nearby, so it took us a few minutes to wander through the massive crowds to find the place.  But, if you're coming from Kamakura Station, you exit the station and make a left to walk under the torii and down the major shopping street, Komachidori.  It's on the right, just one block down the street.  We took the tiny elevator up to the third floor.

We paid at the register as we entered...600 yen per adult and I think it was 400 yen for kids. 

We were given rules as we entered:

-don't put your camera in their faces
-only touch them with the back of your hand
-only pet them from the back of the head and down their back
-if the owl seems upset, then leave him/her alone

The 'Forest' is actually several potted trees with plastic leaves draped all around the room to make it feel like a forest.  There was an owl tethered to a tree every couple of feet.  Most of them just peacefully sat as we walked past and stared at them.  Kris and Garytt were petting almost all of them. They are so incredibly soft!

Tropical Screech Owl

There were several different types of owls there.  And, they all had names.  I don't remember what this guy's name was, but isn't it Hedwig, the Snowy Owl? :)  He was a giant sitting on his branch in the corner of the room.  

This is Jack, the Northern White-Faced Owl.  

I love.love.love his mustache!

Here's a shot towards the middle of the room where they are lined up one after the other.

Yaya, she's listed as a Glasses Owl, not sure what she really is.

Julia, a Ural Owl

I was a bit surprised at how well they handled all the people walking by and touching them.  There was one owl that was NOT happy about having visitors (Julia, the owl in the picture above).  But, the rest just sat there as we pet them.

Garytt had so much fun in this room!!!  For a kid that loves animals, he was ecstatic to be so close and able to touch them all!

The gal in the picture on the right was not happy about anyone touching her.  She kept puffing her feathers out.  At one point I saw a lady try to pet her and she snapped at the lady.  I guess that's how you quickly find out which one doesn't want to be bothered.

At the very end, as we were walking out the door, Kris noticed that we can actually hold them!  What?!  Garytt was ALL about that!  So, the lady got out the big, heavy glove and put it on his arm.  Then, she set his arm up in the right position.  Next, she unhooked a little guy and helped him onto Garytt's glove.  

Oh Boy, the excitement!!

This was such a fun little treat on our trip!  The kids, well Garytt, loved it!  Mackenzie was ok just looking at them.  She didn't want to pose too closely to them, or even think about touching any.  But, she did like walking through and looking at them all, from a distance.  

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