Friday, September 23, 2016

Ningyocho Pottery Fair 2016

This was my third year visiting the pottery fair in Ningyocho.  The first year I was by myself (that was the year I got lost on the train for like two hours!) and I found a lot of neat little bowls and sauce plates.  The second year Kris had to work so I took the kids with me to the fair.  It was so insanely hot that the kids and I only picked out a few things before we retreated to the air conditioned subway and made our way  home.  This year it was another hot the mid-90's...and it was overcast, threatening to rain on us all day.  Somehow, I managed to convince the kids that it would be an awesome day out in the city, so we made our way to the pottery fair!

Well, at least they had a delicious lunch that they thoroughly enjoyed!

On our way home the clouds turned from dark and rainy to blue and sunshiney!

This year I was in search of plates.  I didn't quite think through the logistics of carrying around said dishes while we enjoyed the fair.  I found the plates I wanted at the third booth we came to.  They were so so heavy!  I put them, and the free dish the booth-owner gave me :), into my backpack.  We walked another two booths when I looked at the kids and said, "There is no way I'm going to walk six blocks with all this weight on my back, in this heat.  No way."  They were more than happy to turn around and head back to the subway station so we could make our way home.

My treasures from the day!  I love the top right and the bottom left.  

This is the center of the top right dish.

This is the perfect plate for curry.  It has slightly curved edges to hold all the yummy curry in the center of the plate.

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