Saturday, April 8, 2017

Girls' Day Out at the Barbie Cafe

Yes....that said Barbie Cafe!!  Can you believe it?  A cafe....dedicated to Barbie!!!  This is the perfect Girls' Day Out place!!!  So, on President's Day, Mackenzie and her bestie, Emily, and the Moms, Jaimie and I, made our way to Yokohama to enjoy a very girl-y day!

The entrance is not obvious.  We used Google maps to find the place, it's actually called Pink Holiday Cafe, and the directions were on point.  Yokosuka Chuo Station to Hinodecho Station and then just a ten minute walk.  

Once we were upstairs we definitely entered a world dedicated to pink pink EVERYWHERE!!!!  We collectively exclaimed, "WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!"

The girls with the Barbies they brought and then we found one doll on the table.

The menu seemed to be geared very much for an adult crowd.  In fact, out of the ten people in there, the only kids were our two.  There weren't many tables, maybe 6 and then there were a couple couches with a coffee table between them.  The food on offer was seafood pastas, pink spaghetti (we couldn't convince the girls it would be fun to try that), coffees, flavored drinks, teas, and a few desserts.  The girls went with bread and cheese and a side of fries with a fruit drink.  The meal prices were about 1000-1500 yen per dish.  Each dish is Japanese-sized, obvs ;), so no take away or leftovers.  The coffee was good, also not American-sized (I could have had three, but not at that price!) and Jaimie's hot chocolate looked amazing!

Of course it's served in a heart-shaped bowl...on a pink Barbie placemat while sitting at a pink table, in a pink chair with pink fabric coverings, surrounded by pink curtains and shelves and carpet!  
So so so pink!

For dessert we had the absolute cutest cupcakes with a dusting of a Barbie in coco.  Kenzie's doll had to have a little taste, too.

Once they were finished eating...the girls explored the room a bit.  

So. Many. Dolls. To. See.

Dolls, lunch boxes, cups, the hair styling dolls, cars, purses, and a name it, it was there!!

Birthday dolls too!  And, a Bewitched Barbie!  How did I never have that as a child?!  I guess because she was about 20 years before I was born.  But, still...I had so many Barbies as a kid, I'm really shocked she wasn't mixed in there somewhere!

Emily paid the bill :) and we made our way to the door.

First, a few shots in our very own Barbie box!  We could also check our makeup and hair before entering the box.

Perfect Girls' Day Out!!!