Friday, July 5, 2013

Kurihama with Morgan

The kids and I were so excited to take Morgan to Kurihama Flower of our favorite places to hang out.  Morgan wasn't too excited about all the walking, but we all had fun at the park!

We are between seasons for Flower World, so the fields were in the process of being planted for the fall show, I guess.

Since they were clearing and planting the paths that are easy walks were closed.  So, we had to hike up the hill to the top.  Not so bad, but the heat can sure get to ya!

 I loved seeing the flowers above bursting from their pod.

                                                  We found a heart flower!  <3

Look out!!!  GODZILLA!!!!  Oh......and.......sssslllliiiiddddeeessss !!!

The last time I took the kids here there were so many kids running around that place that they had to wait in line to do anything (and, I had lots of panic attacks trying to figure out where they were at all times).  This time, it was us and four other girls!  So, we got to take control of the whole place!! 

 I was sitting under a tree on the other side of the park when I realized I hadn't heard from my kids in quite a while.  So, off I went to see what kind of trouble they were getting into.  I found them on the backside of the playground on the zipline!  Oh, we had some fun on there!   Mackenzie said that they had never been on the zipline because usually there are too many kids on it for them to have a turn.

This is the view from the biggest tower.  That was the first time I'd been up there and I didn't realize there was such a view from up top!  The circle with the blue edging is a platform with a hole in the middle and a net leading from the platform to the ground.  Garytt really likes that part.  The net walkway to get there scares him though.

One of many trips down the slide.  (turn down the sound....The Boy gets loud!)