Friday, July 5, 2013

Tokyo and DISNEYLAND!!!! YAY!!!!

Finally, after trying to take Morgan to Disneyland over the last 7 years (pregnancies kept pushing the trip back) we got to take her to Disney!!!

We decided to stay at the New Sanno so we could be close to the park and spend the whole day there.  So, we made it to Tokyo around 1100 Sunday afternoon and headed out to explore before our room was ready.  We stopped and had lunch at the park and then took off toward Tokyo Tower.

We're getting close!

When the Tower was built in 1958 it was the tallest free standing building in the world...46 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower that it was modeled after.  Currently, it is the second tallest in Japan at just over 1.000 feet. 

I don't know who this guy is, but Garytt thought he was a Power Ranger, so we went to say hi.

Mackenzie found Miku!  She was so excited.  There were screens and video game consoles in the back of a couple of the vehicles promoting some kind of Diva game.

We went up to the first observation deck, at about 500 feet.

 That's a whole lotta city!!!  And, it's only a small piece!

We found the see through floor!  Mackenzie thought it was great and wasn't afraid or intimidated one little bit. 

This baby, however, was freaking out!  Once I made a face at him he laughed at me and forgot about the long way down.


Kris and I went into the store for drinks and left the kids outside to wait.  While we were in line we noticed that Garytt found something to climb on and peek in the window to see what we were doing.

Monday morning we got up around 7 and hopped in the car headed for Disney.  It only took us about 20 minutes to get there (I'm glad we decided to listen to a friend - thanks Dawn - and drive to the park instead of take the hour long train ride!)  When we got to the park entrance (at a little after 8) Kris was a little annoyed that I made him show up before the park even opened because we had a huge line to wait in to get into the park.  But, as soon as the park opened we breezed right through the entrance and into the park. 

We immediately made a dash for the Splash Mountain Fast Pass and then walked over to Thunder Mountain and stood in line for about 30 minutes. 
At 11 we got to watch the Tanabata Greeting.  Tanabata is a Japanese star festival to celebrate when Orihime and Hikoboshi (dieties) met.  They are represented by the stars Vega (Minnie was dressed as this diety) and Altair (Mickey).  The seventh day of the seventh month is the only day during the year that they are able to meet, and Disneyland celebrates this by having a special greeting parade during the weeks around Tanabata. 

Holy Crowd control, Batman!  That's a lot of people! 

Mickey (Altair, the cowherd)

Minnie (Vega)

Next up:  Splash Mountain!

We watched the movie before we went this time, because all of this ride is in Japanese.

Cinderella's castle:

We found the Dwarfs!!!

Grumpy faces!
We got to fly rockets for a little while:

He got his pilot license

That thing goes higher and faster than I thought


While Kris and the girls were getting lunch, Garytt and I made out our plan for the next rides we wanted to check out.

Nugget Mickey

Mickey sandwich
We took our time eating lunch so the little legs in our group could rest up for the next marathon walk and stand session.  We found one of those coin machines, where you put in some money and a smooshed coin comes back out.  So, all three kids got their own coins.  After lunch, we headed back out to grab our next Fast Pass and then we walked through the toy stores and watched the Happiness Is Here parade (this is the 30th anniversary for the park, so it is being called the Happiness Year).


Buzz Lightyear was a pretty awesome ride!  We got to shoot lasers and for every target you hit your score would change on a little screen on your cart.  The boys did really good.  Mackenzie and Morgan, not so good.  But, that's probably because we spent a lot of time spinning around in circles and giggling!  :)

Pirates of the Caribbean was a little scarier than I remembered as a kid.  I thought all the pirates were pretty funny....this Jack Sparrow themed ride was a little spooky for the little ones.  Mackenzie had her ears and eyes covered for much of the ride.

We wanted to go on the Jungle Cruise or the Western River Railroad, but they had really long lines, so we toured Swiss Family Robinson's tree house instead.

Next up:  Mark Twain's riverboat cruise.  The kids really believed the deer and moose and Indians and dogs were all real.  They would squeal with excitement when their tails would wag.  We just happened to see Pocahontas on our trip around. 

It's a Small World!  We tried to wait as long in the day as we could for this ride so Mackenzie wasn't singing the song ALL day.

Next up:  Toon Town.  Garytt was exhausted at this point.  I ended up carrying him all the way through the line because he fell asleep.  Probably not the best idea to then wake him up and put him on a spinny ride...he wasn't too thrilled and insisted I prevent the car from turning so much.

Dinner at the Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall

Kids had hamburger patty, rice, potatoes, broccoli and Jello.

Morgan and I had shrimp, crab cake and fish.

Kris had a hamburger patty, taters and broccoli.

 After seeing the crowd for the lunchtime parade, we decided to get in line early for the Electrical Parade.  So, about an hour before the parade we found a spot and sat.  Turns out, we were at the very beginning of the parade.  I didn't care too much where we were in the parade line, but I did learn one thing:  best idea!  As soon as the parade was done we made a mad dash to the local rides and we were able to get on 5 rides with no waits! 
This little girl's Disney yukata (summertime kimono, made of lighter fabric) was very cute!

The castle kept changing colors throughout the parade

Cinderella's dress started out blue, but with one wave of the wand from the Fairy Godmother and it was white...

Next, our mad dash to the local rides...

Pinnochio ride. 

 Our last ride for the night was Star Tours.  We all really liked this ride! 

R2D2 is getting our ride ready

C3PO wasn't much help

Trying to hitch a ride

It was a long day...starting before 7 in the morning and we didn't get home until 1030.  The kids were all exhausted (parents too).