Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Camp, part 3 - Art!

The desk she shared with her friend Anika.
The first day she said, "It's just like being at a REAL
school!  It was so cool!"  
Last week Mackenzie had her final week of summer camp.  We saved the best for last...A R T!!!  YAY!!!  She was so excited!  I was excited that it wasn't out in the heat.  :)  No sunblock screams in the morning, "It's soooo coooold" "It's in myyyy eeeyyyyeesss" "NOT ON MY FACE!!!"  *sigh*  Wimps!

Each day of camp was supposed to explore a new place.  

Day One:  The beach and ocean
Watermelon, ice cream, and apples
Traced puppy
She traced something every day, lots of dogs and puppies, princesses, etc.

The teacher drew the picture below for all the kids.  She then folded down the edges of the paper to make a box top, then she added a bottom to the box.  (Mackenzie colored the cat in the inner tube)

Then, inside the box Mackenzie added sea creatures and things you find in the ocean.

Day Two:  Pond life.  Mackenzie colored the butterfly, frog, and lotus flower.  Then, Mackenzie drew the fish and the extra flower at bottom left.

Day Three:  The Zoo
This paper has a giraffe that pops up on top, then an elephant trunk that pops out on the side.  ON the front there is a piece of paper that folds out so the paper can be stood up for display.

Day Four:  Mount Fuji  
Mackenzie drew this one all on her own.  Then, used stencils for the flowers.

 A tracing of Jasmine.  

There are more things from day four, but it was painted, so we had to wait until it dried.  That was supposed to be Friday, but we were supposed to have a typhoon that day so class was postponed for one week.  We go back next Friday to pick up her painting and then she gets to finish up one more day of art.

I think this was her favorite week, by far!

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