Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tomyodo Beach Sea Glass and Pottery

Recently I've heard a lot of talk about collecting sea glass and pottery on the beaches around here.  I've been curious, but hadn't gotten my stuff together enough to make it out in search of these places.  This week a friend invited me to tag along with her...YAY!  So, after church we all changed our clothes and rode on out to the beach.  Our destination today:  Tomyodo Beach, Uraga.  We made it there right at lunch time, so we spread out a blanket and ate sammies real quick. was out to the water!  

We were very lucky with the weather.  It looked like it wanted to rain on us when we left the base, but it held out until right at the end of our day.  :)  The temp was only in the low 80's with a bit of wind off the water and clouds in the sky.  Beautiful day for digging in the sand!

We got our buckets, shovels, large flat rocks (good for digging), and headed to the edge of the water.

The kids hung out with us for a bit, digging around for treasures, but then they took off for the rocks and the tide pools to see what they could see.

They found crabs galore, some jelly fish, other little fishes, sea urchins, and a star fish that they all even touched!

The beach wasn't crowded at all.  We did find pottery, not the big pieces many people have mentioned lately, but maybe that's because all the recent chatter has increased the beachcombers and they took our pieces!  Every time I see this place mentioned on FB I sigh...geez!  Stop telling everyone about this 'secret' place!, never mind!  It's just too fun not to share!

These are the rocks the kids were climbing on.  When we got there the tide must have been close to the lowest point.  But, when Stephanie and I headed over to where the kids were the tide was starting to rise, so the tide pools and walking area had shrunk quite a bit.  We still had so much fun exploring and found a lot of cool things to look at.

I took this shot because I thought, "Wow!  Mackenzie and Garytt are getting along soooo well!"  Turns out, this is Mackenzie and our friend, Daniel...same height, same hair color.  Ha!  That's why they were getting along!

This is a pretty large tide pool.  The little girls around it had collected several little crabs and fish and had them in a little plastic creature tank.  (note to self:  we should have one, or two, of those for next time!)

Garytt climbing down the rocks to the water.  When we got there none of that water in front of him was there, well, the water immediately in front of him...I think that big ocean was there before we arrived.

These cool guys were all over
the rocks.

The wooden lighthouse on the cape.  This was taken on my cell phone at about the time the clouds were getting darker, so the shot didn't turn out very well.  Next time I'll take my nice camera to get a good shot.

The kids found a little "cave"

On our way back to our spot I happened to see the guy above moving on the sand. I touched one of the little shells and all of his little arms slowly moved closer to the center. After a little research, I think this may be a goose barnacle. 


The blue and white pieces

Mackenzie's miscellaneous findings

A couple cool shells and some sea glass

Mackenzie's shells and rocks

I found a Delaware on the beach today!  :)  Home! <3

The drive seemed pretty easy...says the person who hasn't driven out of Yokosuka city...There were only a few turns.  The key to finding the turn from the main road to the beach access road is this:  make a left when you see the murals on the wall to the right, just before the tunnel.  If you go through a tunnel, you've gone to far.  We rode up this little road toward the beach, and almost at the end there is a sharp turn to the right and a little parking lot there.  The lot was full when we got there, so we just parked along the road...not sure how legal that was, but other people were doing it, and we didn't get a ticket, so I guess it was ok.