Saturday, May 9, 2015

Yokosuka Curry Festival 2015

We started the morning with a couple hours on Sullivan's Field playing two good games of baseball!  Mackenzie's team worked really hard this morning!  We got a several outs and even had a couple kids knock it out of the park!  Woot Woot!  On a good pitches were better than last week, bad news...I still hit a few kids...oops!  

After the ball games we made our way over to Mikasa Park for the Annual Curry Festival.  

Here's a view from just outside of the Mikasa Gate

We weren't quite sure what to do once we got to the park.  All signs were in Japanese.  Imagine!  Ha! We finally figured out that we needed to get in line and make our way over to the pay table.  So, into the LONG line we went.

We paid 500 Yen each for four plates...first mistake...that was way too much curry for the four of us.  And, we forgot that there were more food booths around the corner and then over by Mikasa Ship.

Once we got our plates we walked around to the different curry booths and had one kind of curry plopped into each of the slots.  Some lines were super long (only took us a few minutes to get through those lines) and some lines only had one or two people in them.

Boy Waiting in line for his curry.  Doesn't he look happy?  Ha!  Both kids got in lines on their own and picked out their own curry.

One filled plate.  The dark one on the bottom was beef curry.  It was pretty good.  Mackenzie said that was her favorite...One note about Mackenzie and was only about a month ago that she finally decided to taste curry sauce.  As many times as we go to Coco's Curry, she always got plain chicken and plain rice.  I'm so glad she finally was brave enough to taste the curry several weeks ago. She was able to join in the fun with the whole family today instead of eating a peanut butter sandwich!  

 We ate over by the arch on the steps.  There were tables set up around the pond.  When we just couldn't eat anymore of the TONS of curry we picked out, we headed on over toward the Mikasa Ship.  

There are no words...yes, that's a cup in her mouth.

These are the food stalls behind where the concert alcove is located.  There was naan, more flavors of curry, lots of fried stuff (I wasn't quite sure what they were...fried balls of stuff, fried rolls of stuff, there were fried donuts, but I couldn't find those delicious goodies I just saw people walking around with them.  There were also beer stalls and drink stalls.  One stall had yakisoba and we even saw one with fried potato.

This is looking toward the Mikasa Ship.  The kids begged to jump in that bouncy house...on full stomachs of curry...uuuhhh...NO!

Even more food stalls up over the bridge.  There was just more curry here, curry hot dogs even!  

We took a few minutes to watch this guy put together a Mickey Mouse balloon animal

This is the actual entrance to Mikasa Park.  This, however is where we walked out and toward Womble Gate.  There are food stalls all along this walkway.

Choco Banana...chocolate covered bananas.  We've had these before and didn't really like them too much.

Squid or octopus anyone?

One of the last stands had these strawberries with red stuff on the outside.  Garytt and I said, Oh Yeah!  So, we purchased two.  It was like a lollipop with a strawberry in the middle.  Beyond yummy!!!

Good times!!  We learned how to do things this year so we will be better prepared next year.

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