Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Odawara Castle in the Spring

We had friends in town last week and decided to make a trip to Odawara Castle for some exploring.  The last time we were here (October, with Dave) it was a beautiful day with an amazing sunset.  Today, however, it was cloudy and rainy.  Luckily, the heavier rain held off until we actually got into the castle and then slacked off again when it was time for us to walk back to the car.  

We were up and in the car around 0900 Friday morning with lunches and backpacks ready to go!  The drive over was quite easy.  Traffic wasn't bad so we made good time.  We parked in the lot closest to the main entrance of the grounds.  

First stop...check out the carp.

The guard house and a little dancer balanced on the bridge.

I really like how this right-angle-shaped building is exactly the same on each side.  

We got a surprise today...the shobu (irises) are in bloom!!!!  And, they were AAAHHH-MAZING!!!  (Dave...this is the area where the moat used to be, just before you get to the area where we saw the amazingly tiny hummingbird).

On the other side of the bridge was more irises.  There's also a huge wall of ajisai (hydrangeas).  I bet in about a week or so this area will look, and smell, heavenly!!!

The last time we were here I had my camera on the wrong settings.  This time, I made sure everything was correct before getting out of the car.  The gray sky doesn't look all that great, but at least the castle isn't washed out this time.

Our friends, Josh and Beccy, visiting from Delaware.

Using my newest camera gadget to get a shot of us all in front of the castle.

The view from the top.  Quite a dreary day.

A few rainy shots.

I didn't realize there was a field of lotus to the side of the castle grounds.  I think that's what that is.

Our last view on the way out.

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