Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Picking Poppies at Kurihama Flower World

A couple weeks ago I read in our base newsletter that at the end of the poppy season at Kurihama Flower World (frequent readers know this is a favorite spot of ours) you can bring clippers and cut your own poppies to take home with you!  I was pretty excited!  However, I did not write it down on my calendar.  Which means, I totally forgot!  

But....a BIG thanks to my dear friend, Junko, for sending me a morning reminder!  So, after I totally exhausted myself at the gym, had a shower and lunch, we made our way to Kurihama.  

The flower picking started at 1400.  We arrived at 1357!  Shew!  The fields were swarming with people.  But, just like anywhere else around here, it was quiet and calm and so incredibly peaceful.

With the Kurihama Flower World song playing over a couple speakers, we waded into the flower beds and started picking the flowers we have walked amongst so many times over the past couple years.

 Somehow I didn't get a picture of it, but I put that flower in her hair.  From that point on I kept catching people focusing their cameras on my beauty and taking her picture.  :)

A quick panorama of the gardens.  So.  Many.  People.

I love that Boy can just wander around doing his own thing and I don't have to worry he will do something he shouldn't, or that anyone else will do something they shouldn't to him.  I can watch my kids interact with the world without having a leash tied to them.  

I.  Heart.  Japan.

 As we made our way to the back of the garden area we found our friends!  Junko and her family walked with us for a while as the boys chopped weeds, found bugs (mushi), and chopped open stems and pods of flowers.  Without being able to communicate too many things to each other in a shared language, they had such a great time together!

After our goodbyes, we made our way up a little hill to have a couple cones.  Garytt chose green tea and Mackenzie (after crying because there was no chocolate and that's the only flavor she will ever eat...except the sakura flavored ice cream that is only seasonal-in March/April) I finally convinced her that the pudding flavor was probably chocolate pudding.  Well, it wasn't.  But, I fooled her enough that she tasted it...and LOVED it!  Shew!

We scored three small vases of flowers.  Some of them were pretty wilted and did not perk back up once watered.  But, a lot of them perked right up.  They only lasted a couple days before I dumped the vases.  And, it will take a few days for the pollen to flush out of my system as well as Boy's system.  But, it was totally worth it!!!!  

I wonder if they do this at the end of Cosmos season...

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