Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa are here!!!!

Two weeks ago, Kris' mom and dad flew in....Gregg was here for two weeks and Joan gets to stay for six weeks.  :)  It didn't take long for them to adjust to the time...Kris and I must be wimps since it took us at least one week to settle.  So, we have set off on many adventures over the first couple of weeks.  Some new experiences and some of our favorites.  Here is a taste of a few of the things we have done....

Mikasa Ship Museum and Park

While Kris was working the kids, parents and I took a beautiful walk to Mikasa Ship Museum.

At the end of the walk, and after splashing through the fountains, we stopped at the park to eat lunch.  The kids played on the climbing thing.  Garytt was so proud of himself for climbing all the way over.  He said, "I could do it because now I'm five."(It was his birthday)
On the Mikasa ship.  Grandpa explained the ship to us.

The kids became part of the crew, "I see land!"

Kamakura ~ Hasedera Temple and the Great Bhudda

Hasedera Temple

Not sure what kind of flower this is, but it sure was pretty to look at!

Somebody has some growing to do...

 I don't know how many pictures I've taken of the warrior above and I never realized that he was standing on someone!

Prospect Road
 This was our first time walking Prospect Road.  The first time we were there I think we just walked by it without realizing it was there.  The second time we went was during Hydrangea season and we had to take a number and stand in line to walk....a two hour wait for a 15 minute thanks!  This time we were able to walk right in.  What beautiful views from up there!


The kids' favorite part...the cave.

Great Bhudda

Being questioned
 There were a lot of school kids here when we arrived and they were all carrying around little notebooks.  I could see that they were answering questions and drawing pictures of Bhudda.  Then, the group above asked Gregg if he would answer some questions for their school assignment.  What was his name, where was he from, does he like Japan, what is his favorite Japanese food, why are you in Kamakura?  Then, he signed all of their books and took a picture with them in front of Bhudda.
Then, another group stopped Kris

Waiting for Dad to finish talking to other kids.


The first time we went to Hakone in April we had a clear view of the snowy top.  Then, while Morgan was here we tried again....rain, so we turned around and came home.  We took her back a few days later, no rain, but too cloudy to see Fuji.  This time, we caught our first glimpse of Fuji-san from Zushi!

Fuji-san from Zushi Beach

Nice, calm water in the morning

Lake Ashi

Eating the black eggs, cooked in natural hot springs, adding years to our lives!!!  Kris and I will live to be 200 by the time we leave here!

The Japanese ladies love Garytt

Panorama shot from Owakudani

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  1. Thank you for the photos and story... I look forward to Tokyo and other spots we experienced.