Saturday, October 19, 2013

Odaiba with Grandma and Grandpa

We decided to get a room at the New Sanno for a few days so we could travel Tokyo easily with Gregg and Joan.  On our way into the city on Wednesday we stopped at Diver City, mostly to see the Gundam statue that Kris insisted wasn't there anymore.  :)

After a picnic lunch we headed into the Diver City complex to look around.  There were tons of shops to look in...candy, cookies, snacks, Daiso, a store kind of like Spencer's Gifts with some pretty cool toys.

Eating lunch in the parking garage.
Hello Kitty store with HK cakes lining the windows
 On the top couple floors was Round 1, a large game complex.  I've heard there is a much better Round1 near Yokohama, I think.  The Round1 in Diver City had lots of 100 Yen games on the first floor and then in the back corner were the more expensive games.  There was also a corner of photo booths, but these photo booths took your photo, then you could experiment with different makeup options on your picture.  For some reason I didn't get a shot of those machines.
First game, a fishing game.  Garytt loved this one.

It's like a casino for kids

POD game  Kris and Garytt tested this one out

Inside the POD.  Picking their fighter.
 After playing around inside, we went out to check out the Gundam guy.  He was pretty fun to look at!

Next up, LEGOLand!!!  VERY cool!!!!  It would be awesome to have a birthday party here!

When we first entered, we got to see how LEGOs were made...I couldn't tell you too much about that because the kids were anxious to get to the actual LEGOs.  I just remember little particles were melted then pressed into a form....I think.  

We watched a LEGO movie about Chima.  It was all in Japanese so we had no idea what anyone was saying.  But, it looked like there was a bad guy and he was trying to destroy the city of Chima.  Then, a group of unlikely friends got in a crazy flying machine and flew in just in time to save the day.  It was a 4D movie, hence, the glasses above.  The room sprayed water on us when they were splashing around in a river ("This movie is REALLY raining on us!!" -Mackenzie), then we had foam dropped on us when we dropped down a waterfall.  Pretty cool, even though we didn't understand the language.

Other than the movie room, there were a couple of small rides to go on, one allowed you to shoot laser guns at targets along the ride.  The second ride went around in a circle and then the faster you pedaled, the higher in the air your cart moved.  

There was a play area (like a McDonald's playland).  The kids ran around in there for quite a while...up stairs, through tunnels, down slides.

After the movie the kids went with Grandma and Grandpa into a building lesson.  They learned how to make a pumpkin face out of LEGOs....of course, all in Japanese, but there was a picture display to help the non-Japanese speakers.  While they did that, Kris and I got two coffees and a bag of chips then sat by a big tub of LEGOs and tried to make our own creations. 

There was a store at the very end, which is where all the Star Wars models were.  There were amazing kits to buy, also amazingly expensive!!!

Garytt shook hands with this guy
 A LEGO Tokyo
There was  a huge model of the city of Tokyo.  It started out bright and then the lights would dim, Godzilla would pop out from behind a building and ROAR, then the lights would go dark and Rainbow Bridge and all the buildings would light up.  
Ferris Wheel, Decks mall, Rainbow Bridge in the background

Tokyo Tower

I thought this guy was soo cool!!
Garytt building his car
 There was a Build and Test section.  There were LEGOs everywhere!!  The kids went in and grabbed whatever LEGOs they could and built their own cars.  Then, they could race them on different tracks around the room.
Mackenzie's car

Racing down the track

We ended the first day at Deck's Mall eating dinner and watching a beautiful sunset

Even cooler at night!!!
 A walk by Palette Town

It took a lot of work to get him in the right position

A rainbow tunnel

That ends day one in Tokyo.

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  1. Awesome day for sure!! What a great experience and looks so fun.