Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tsuki no Shizuku

Our last dinner out with Grandma and Grandpa was a good one!  Kris and I have been to this restaurant once before with a few guys from work.  They ordered everything for us, so we were able to taste a lot of things we wouldn't normally eat.  We thought this would be a great place to go for dinner.  So, off we went to Tsuki no Shizuku, which, I think means drops of dew.

Take your shoes off before entering....note to self...wear or bring socks

Our table was in a small room in the corner of the restaurant.  It was set into the floor.

Ordering from the pad

This came out as our appetizer....fried something.  It was tasty, greasy, but tasty.

Cucumber, ham, cream cheese rolls

Smoked salmon with avocado 

Chicken sausage with egg to dip it in

Yummy bacon wrapped asparagus

Eggplant.  My first time having it....yummy!

Beef and fries

Spring rolls


 When we finished, we headed over for a little treat...crepes for the adults and ice cream for the kiddos

Grandpa's little girl