Sunday, October 8, 2017

CFAY Fire Prevention Week Festivities

This weekend kicked off Fire Prevention Week at CFAY.  We started with a speedy parade Saturday morning and then, after meeting friends at the gate, made our way to the fire station for some fun fire learning'!

This is a local Japanese boy's school playing drums.  They were amazing!  Garytt was fascinated and loved the fact that he could feel each beat in his chest.  We also got to see the Fisherman's Dance which is a part of Japanese Sports Day festivities.

We all had fun playing at each station, but how could putting out a fire with a real fire hose and then getting inside a fire truck not be the highlights of the day?!  

Daddy helping Garytt put out a fire!
Now, it's Kenta's turn!  They were taught how to adjust the spray so that they could move closer to the fire to put it out.

Now, it's Isao's turn to help little Momo put out the fire!

The boys had a lot of fun putting on the equipment and sitting inside the gigantic fire truck!

After Kris took this shot (where he was actually pretending to talk into the radio) he informed us he was going to be a fireman when he was old enough....I'm not sure how he can avoid's in the genes from both sides of the family...Havens and Wheelers.

Onto the games!  Can you unroll a hose and knock down a set of bowling pins?  It's harder than it actually looks!

Next, we learn to stop, drop, and roll!  

Final activity for the day....the bounce house and slide!  
Can you tell which set of shoes belongs to my kid?  

The big bounce house where the kids went up and down, up and down, up and down, and then repeated that a couple more times :)