Monday, October 16, 2017

Octoberfest in Yokohama 2017

Ein bier bitte!

Rain couldn’t stop the Sakura Crew from having a blast in Yokohama for Octoberfest!!

This is my first time celebrating this fun holiday, and doing it in Japan put a special kind of twist on an already festive celebration!

After we paid 300¥ each for an entrance fee and donned our yellow Octoberfest paper bracelets, we made our way to the counter to chose our beer type and Stein size.

I chose the smallest size Stein (who really likes warm 🍺 blech...) Which required a 1000¥ deposit. Then I picked an original beer, priced at a whopping 1200¥. 😨

We then walked the aisles to find a spot to sit amongst the thousands of drunken Octoberfest-ians. Luckily, we saw a couple small openings at one table and the crew occupying the surrounding area happily scooted to make room for us!

We managed to have a spot pretty close to the stage and at 730 the band took the stage! What an amazing show!!! Between the German and the Japanese, I was pretty clueless about what was happening. However, with the repeating verses and the girl on stage demonstrating the dance motions, I was able to keep up with most of what was going down.

There were some mighty big glasses. I bet the deposit on that guy was over 5000¥. And, I can't imagine what I would do if it was dropped! Side note: whenever someone did drop their glass the whole tent would erupt in clapping and cheers. 


The food was delightful! Beer and pretzels and a plate-ful of sausages!!! Yummmmmm!!!

Jaimie, Wendy, me and a thousand of our Japanese friends!

Delightful plate of sausage! The one on the right had a curry barbeque sauce on much YUM!

Saw this new window on our way home. It was entertaining to see Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus and their Wise men with Dori just swimming swimming swimming in and out of their stable.

Quick shout out to the BIL, Clayton....We packed out our household goods last week and only kept a laptop with us. Well, that little 'poorer crashed a few days ago. Here we are in our last few weeks in Japan and I have no way to publish blogs about our last few adventures 😭 I thought I'd just use the blogger app on my phone and iPad to get it done. Unfortunately, the app no longer works on Apple devices....I guess that's why I've seen so many bloggers move away from this platform. Anywho.....long story short....Clayton saved the day by uploading these pics for me. 💜