Friday, November 10, 2017

One more exploration of O'Daiba ~ Unicorn Gundam and Trick Art Museum

A few weeks ago we reserved a night at the New Sanno so we could fit in one more Tokyo exploration trip. On the way up we stopped over in O'Daiba so we could see the new Gundam that was placed at Diver City a couple months ago. 

We had a beautiful day to explore!

One of my favorite buildings to take pictures of...I think its the Fuji TV building.

The Gundam Stairs in Diver City

Here he is!!! This is the Unicorn Gundam. He's quite impressive!!

We even found a few autumn colored trees to stand under!

The cool needle thing set up a nice shot for me

We had lunch in Diver City. I had yummy yakisoba. 

The kids had set meals with smiley face potatoes, chicken, rice and gyoza cooked in one sheet. 

Kris had stinky ramen but it came with a thank you note printed on the nori sheet. 

Since we were in the area, we stopped into the Trick Art Museum for a bit of fun!

Kenzie holding up a mikoshi

Boy causing trouble!

Mackenzie saves the day when Daddy causes trouble

Uh oh! Now Mackenzie is up to no good!

This one turned out pretty funny...both kid's causing mischief!

Dropping in on some ninjas!

Playing with sizes

Garytt saves the day!!

Hitching a ride into the castle on a parachute

Watch out!!!

Daddy will save the day!!

Attack of a snake lady!

We're being attacked from everywhere!!!!

Look Mom....magic!!!

You'd never know they were sitting in a box flat on the floor!

Our little butterfly

These turned out pretty good too


One last shot of O'Daiba

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