Thursday, December 20, 2012

Itty bitty living space

So, we had our first off-base house tour yesterday.  Wow!  Small doesn't even cover it!  I'm pretty sure the only room one of our beds actually would have fit in is the master bedroom, and that's just about all that would have fit!  I think we have our next tour tomorrow of Ikego.  That's base housing that's about 20 minutes off base.  I'm pretty sure that's where we will end up around the middle of January.  Then, we will be put on a waiting list to get into a house on-base.  That's a new program they started a couple weeks ago, I guess to try and get people out of the Lodge faster.  I think we are aiming for on-base housing, even though Kris was really excited about being immersed in the Japanese culture here, after looking at houses yesterday, I think he's changed his mind!  The real game-changer for him...his big screen t.v. would take up the whole family room!  :)

So, yesterday we started our Christmas shopping.  And, what a shock....there isn't much left.  We were able to get the kids a few things and then when we add in what the Aunt and Uncles have sent over it will be a very nice Christmas!  We decorated a Christmas tree today.  Spent an hour or so cutting and decorating.  Then, spent at least 20 minutes yelling at the kids not to use it as a torpedo!  We found out yesterday that our friends that live right across the street will be out of town Christmas day.  So, we will buy the dinner fixins and head to their place that afternoon to actually cook ourselves a real Christmas meal!  Sunday we will head over there to bake cookies for Santa.  So, not much has changed.  Well, except I forgot to pack the book the kids have listened to each Christmas since we got dad got one of those recordable Night Before Christmas books and the kids asked me where it was today.  I had to break the news that I forgot it and Mackenzie melted into the ground.  "But, we dooooo iiiit eeeeeveryyyyyyy yyyeeeeeaaaarrrrr" Ooops!

Garytt's Angel

Mackenzie's lights, candy canes and reindeer

                                               "Merry Christmas!"