Thursday, December 20, 2012

What's for dinner tonight?

Well, we were able to experience a Japanese McDonald's tonight.  Kris had a teriyaki burger, I had a Fillet-O-Ebi (Shrimp sandwich), and the kids had nuggets.  Kris said his sandwich was good, but it had a very thin patty (he had a little more dinner when we got home).  My shrimp sandwich was yummy!!!  And, very filling. non-seafood-eating husband actually tried it and said it wasn't bad!!!  Maybe I can turn him yet!!!  :)  Garytt ate his nuggets, but Mackenzie would not.  They tasted the same, but the texture was a bit different.  So, she had a turkey sandwich when we got home.  Guess McDonald's isn't going to be her favorite here in Japan.  All our meals came with medium fries and then small drink cups.  Kris' boss was with us and had his meal super sized...ha ha!  It's a regular sized meal in America.  We accidentally got just nuggets for the kids, so no toys, but I think they were the Pokimon type toys. 

Kris had ramen from a real ramen shop today.  Said it was pretty good.  We hope to try a Japanese curry place just outside the main gate this weekend.


  1. Glad you all survived the first week. I'm still dealing with this lovely cold. Nothing that bad at the moment just having to blow my nose couple of times a hour.

    I used up my last half day of vacation so today I'm slacking off. I have a full day tomorrow, but I will spend that with friends at our Christmas party.

  2. Sorry bout the cold...I think we infected a few people while we were there. Last night was the first night the kids went to bed with no medicine and they didn't cough all night. So, maybe they are over the hurdle. But, I started with an earache yesterday and sniffled all night last night. Darn! I was hoping I would escape the germs. Kris said we would all be sick again within a few weeks because we'll be introduced to all the new funk here. Have fun at the Christmas party! Don't drink too much egg nog! :) Love, T