Friday, December 28, 2012

These boots WEREN'T made for walkin...

Since we've been in Japan we have not had a vehicle of our own to roam around in (we have to first attend a week long intro to the base and country, then take a written and driving test before we can purchase a vehicle).  So, one of our first days here we took a taxi to the Commissary and back...too expensive!  Next, we tried the bus.  Our first excursion on the bus was after a house tour out in town.  The kids were with the Hogan's, and Kris and I needed to get some shopping done.  So, we hopped on the first bus that came by, turns out there is a clockwise and a counter clockwise bus.  We got on the wrong bus.  It took us twenty minutes to go 3/4 of the way around the base. 

A few days later we caught the clockwise bus (the correct one this time) on the way to the Commissary.  We bought breakfast, lunch and a few dinner items then headed for the bus stop.  Well, turns out the bus wasn't going to be there for another twenty minutes.  So, we decided we would walk back to the Lodge. was a little further than we thought, and we took a wrong turn, making it even longer than it needed to be.  Thirty minutes, four tired arms from carrying 8 grocery bags, and two whiney children later, we were back at the Lodge.  Oops!  Won't make that mistake again!

Now, a few more days later, and we hitch a ride on the bus to have dinner at the O Club.  After a yummy steak and yorkshire pudding (can anyone tell me what the heck that is supposed to be?  It sure wasn't good whatever it is!) for Kris, scallops and a potato for me, and two spaghetti plates for the kids, we head out to the bus stop....Oh, DARN!  The bus stops running at 7, and it's now 730! we go again!  We start the hike back to the Lodge.  By now we know a shortcut and it only took about 15 or 20 minutes.  The kids did great!  They did complain a little, but not as much as the first walk. 

This past Thursday, we are headed to get ID's for Kris and I.  Well, the bus isn't going to make it in time, so we start walking.  The kids did great all the way to the first building!!!  :)  We get to the ID office, at which we have 1:30 and 2:00 appointments.  We walk in and are then told the system to do Kris' ID is down for maintenance and the printer to do my ID is at 50% ink and they can't print my card....(?? Don't get that one, but okay).  We walk to the second ID office on base, the one that does not make appointments, Garytt is now complaining that his little legs are exhausted, but he pushes through!  Turns out, there is a 4 HOUR wait!!!  Forget that!!  Kris heads back to the first office to see if the computer is back up and running and the kids and I head to the bus stop to go back to our room and nap.  Garytt, not a big surprise here, falls on the way to the stop.  He's scraped his knee and hurt his hands.  I carry him to the bus stop and we wait 15 minutes for the bus to show up. 

That was yesterday, last night Garytt (who talks in his sleep quite often) about an hour after falling asleep starts yelling, "No!  No!  No, Mommy, no!  I can't, can't, can't!  But, but I don't want to waaalk!!" 

Poor, poor boy!

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  1. if yorkshire pudding is done right it should very much like an unsweeted pancake in taste and is usually used to sop up the dripping of the meat you are eating. Sadly most people don't make it properly so its got a quite bad reputation these days.

    And you can tell Garytt he is one tough boy for walking so much!