Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas to All!

We survived our first Christmas in Japan!  Since our friends were out of town for the week, we crashed their pad to bake cookies Monday afternoon.

 Just as we were settling down that night we heard the distinct booming of fireworks!   So, we headed out to the hotel stairwell and watched the show!  After fireworks we had a Birthday Party for Jesus, chocolate and strawberry cakes from the Commissary.  Yum! 

Then, we tracked Santa for a little while Monday night (since he seems to deliver presents here before the kids are actually in bed!) and then Tuesday morning we opened presents. 

If it weren't for Aunt Tisha and Uncle Clayton the pile would have been 1/3 of what it actually was!  :)

 Garytt got Batman and Rescue Bots, Legos and drawing books and movies.  Mackenzie got Polly Pocket and La La Loopsies, new pajamas, Legos, drawing books and movies.  It was a great morning! 

After lunch and a nap, we headed back to the Hogan's and fixed dinner...ham, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes and applesauce for the little ones.  It was a great dinner!  Once the dishes were washed and the counters cleaned we settled in for a movie.  Brave!  All in all, it was a fantastic holiday for this Havens clan!  Couldn't have asked for better!!  And, probably one we will never forget!

 We were able to watch Santa deliver presents to the United States Wednesday morning.