Sunday, October 26, 2014

CupNoodle Museum with Dave

We had so much fun at the CupNoodle Museum with Grandma and Grandpa that we decided it would be an awesome stop for Uncle Dave on our way home from Tokyo. we go!!!

I got a few new shots this go round.  I didn't notice last time, but there were several art pieces around the museum this time.  Like the shot exploding cup of noodles.

After walking through the exhibits and reading about Momofuko Ando, we headed upstairs to our Ramen-making appointment.

Garytt and Dave decorating cups.  Garytt did some awesome ninja's but he didn't think they were as good as Daddy's so Daddy switched cups with him.  For some reason, I wasn't as good about taking pictures of the cups this go-round.

Mackenzie's ninjas....can you tell this was the day after our visit to the Ninja Akasaka?  And, a picture of Olaf.

Lotsa noodles!

Adding some yumminess to the noodles.  Note to self:  the imitation crab...not so good.

Afterwards we were walking to the car and decided to stop at the pastry shop across the street.  The kids had donuts, Kris got a sandwich with a sausage in it, Dave got garlic bread, and I got a delicious cheesy sandwich.  These pumpkin pastries were so cute!  But, I was afraid of what might be hidden in the middle so I passed.

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