Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Garytt!

Can it be possible?  Is my baby boy six?!  It seems just like it was yesterday that this stubborn boy was putting me through 36 hours of contractions and trying to be born upside, he wears the same size shoe as his (almost) 8 year old sister, is a green belt in karate, and can do a whole page of math problems in just a few minutes.  Yikes!  Where has the time gone??

We started our day with pancakes (sprinkles inside, of course!), strawberries, and whipped cream.

After breakfast, we Facetimed with Mom Mom Pat and Aunt Meredith.  Then, Morgan called and talked to Garytt to wish him happy birthday.

Then, after a bit of school, we headed to Mikasa Park.  My plan was to go see a sand art exhibit in Yokohama, but our day started a little later than normal and I didn't want to fight peak train travel at the end of our day.  So, we opted for the park instead.  I'm glad we did, we all had a blast!!

The kids really like walking down this path...what's not to love...shade from the sun, not much traffic, waterfalls, and pools to for hands to do a little splashing.

The biggest reason for going to this park (other than the fact that it's only a fifteen minute walk from the house) is that there is a climbing thing for the kids to play on.  Well, half of it was under construction.  Big disappointment.  But, they just found other things to do instead.

Garytt found a friend to kick a soccer ball with...they couldn't speak to each other, but still figured out how to have fun!

Once Garytt's friend had to leave, we took a walk over by the water.  Then, we checked out the little stage area.  I tried to convince Mackenzie to do her recital dance for me, but she refused.  Then, I asked Garytt to do his kata for me, which he did, but he did it so fast that I couldn't get it on video.

Checking out Sarushima (Monkey Island)
The kids took a few turns rolling down the hill.  Mackenzie let Garytt do several rolls before she decided it was safe for her to try a couple.

All of a sudden, we heard music playing from around the corner.  Of all the times we've been at this park, we have somehow missed the fountain show every time.  Well, not today!  We took off for the music and got a great show!

Once the show finished, we took a relaxing (haha, with these two crazy kids...yeah right!) stroll through the park.  Up stairs....down stairs....around fountains....over streams...up more stairs....down more stairs...   Mackenzie was having so much fun, she kept saying to Garytt, "Isn't this the best birthday you ever had?"  "Wow, Garytt, this has to be the best birthday ever!"  It's the simple things that make the best memories.

A beautiful view from the top

We let the birthday boy chose where he wanted to eat his dinner...Stoneburg, Chinese at the Daiei, Tankatsu, Yakitori, sushi.  What did he chose?  Chilies.  Ugh.  Again, ugh.  So, we went to Chilies.  After dinner it was time for presents.  He was so excited about presents that when Kris parked in the Sakura parking lot, he took off running for the apartment and was waiting on us to hurry up.

First present to open....Mackenzie's.  She was so excited about this gift that she talked about it every day since she got it.  And, changed the hiding place for it a couple times a day.  It is a Lego Chima set.

Watching Garytt open presents is so much fun!  He is incredibly excited and totally in love with every package he opens.  Everything is "so awesome!"  And, it was the "best birthday Eh-Ver!"

Birthday Stegasauras Cake
So, I found out when we got back to the house after the park, that Grandma and Grandpa tried to Skype with Garytt.  We missed the call.  So, I sent a message, hoping that they would be up early enough to get my message that we would Skype at 8 pm (6 am their time).  At 8 we logged on, but no Grandma or Grandpa.  So, we waited.  Still no Grandparents.  Kris said, "let me try this..."  He logged into a camera we got them.  The camera is facing the back room where everything looked dark and we couldn't hear any sounds of activity.  All of a sudden, we saw little doggie eyes peek through the glass door and knew that someone had to be up if Ravyn was outside.  So, Kris hit the little microphone button and had Garytt say, "Grandma!  It's the Birthday Boy and he wants to talk to you."  Then, sleepy eyed, Grandma came running into the room!!  Maybe not the most relaxing way to wake up in the morning...hearing strange voices coming from inside your house at that time of the morning!

After he showed all the cool things he got, we headed to the dining room for cake and ice cream.  And, as a special treat, Grandma got to sing with us!

Well, we sure had a fantastic day!  Parks, presents, cake, and phone calls from loved ones!  It was "Soooo Awesoooommmeeee!"

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