Monday, October 13, 2014

Monkey Island with Uncle Dave

Thursday night Dave got into Haneda around 1015. We all went to the airport to greet him and managed to make it home around 1145. We promptly put the kiddos in bed-well, after Garytt gave him a tour and he opened his welcome bag. 

With typhoon Vongfong expected to arrive Monday or Tuesday, meaning we would lose a travel day, we decided not to give Dave a day of rest. :D W hopped right on in with a day at Sarushima, otherwise known as Monkey Island. While we waited for the boat to arrive we took a walk over in Mikasa Park. 

As soon as the boat, Sea Friend Zero, arrived we hopped on and headed over.

Once on the island we found a picnic table and had ham and cheese sandwiches with chips. 

We've been on the island before, so I was trying not to take the same pictures I did last time. My artistic eye only lasted for a couple hours before it was exhausted. 

I forgot how many steps were on this little island. 

We saw a lot of wildlife this time. 

I agree with Mackenzie, spiders creep me out!  But, this one was so pretty!  It looks like she has a lipstick kiss on her side.  I found a few pictures of it on the internet, but nothing with the actual name.

Walking down to the tide pools. 

Garytt was trying to catch a fish swimming in that hole. 


Caves and lots of rocks to climb on. Kris and Garytt decided to take a walk on the rocks to the right of this picture. He got halfway across the first section and slipped on a slimy rock and fell into the water. Of course... Maybe a mini Clayton in our Havens family...if there's water, he falls in it. 

A future rock climber....she worked and worked here until she found just the right hand hold to pull herself up so she could look into that crevice. Once she got down, she joined the boys on the other side. She managed to get across without falling in. They found a little beach over there and my awesome beachcomber found several pretty pieces of sea glass to add to our collection. 

While we waited for the boat to come get us we walked on the main beach for a bit. Mackenzie found more sea glass and Garytt had fun trying to see if the waves could catch his shoe. 

The next day we had two soccer games starting first thing in the morning. The kids played great! Then, that night we went to CoCo's Curry for dinner. After that we went back to Mikasa Park to see the light show.