Thursday, October 2, 2014

Garytt tests for his Green Belt

Garytt and Alyssa praciticing
It's that time of year!  Karate Testing time!  Boy has been in karate now for a year and a half.  This is his third belt test and is up for a Green Belt.  Before the test, he said to Kris and I that he was nervous about this test.  I think this is the first time he's ever been nervous about a test.  I guess this is what happens the higher he goes up the ladder.  We've seen him practice over the last few weeks and we had total confidence in his abilities.  He just had to get over the nerves.  
We arrived at Fleet Rec about fifteen minutes early, just to give him a few minutes to get in the zone.  One of his friends, Alyssa, was testing for her next belt and was nervous as well.  So, they went off to a corner and did a little practicing.  
Alyssa and Garytt

At just before one, Sensei's Grandpa (the man who taught Garytt's Sensei) started warming the kids up....all in Japanese.  They all managed to follow along pretty well.

Warm up...Boy in center, blue belt
Waiting for the activities to begin
And, now he's up!  

These three kids are in Garytt's class.  All testing for their Green Belts.  I think Garytt is the youngest, by almost two years.

Garytt's kata.  Usually, he is on the front line and I have an unobstructed view.  This time, not so much.  The video is a bit shaky because I was trying to find the right spot to see him...I never found that spot.

After that part of the test, the kids had to sit on the side and do a written examination.  For the last two tests he only had to draw pictures of fists, feet positions, and hands.  This year he had to actually write words.  Oh my!  He's pretty good at sounding words out, but I'm not sure he really knows how to spell 'musubi dachi'.  That paper ought to be interesting.

The testing ran a little long, so Grandpa Sensei couldn't do his normal demonstrations for us.  He did a quick little speech (in Japanese) and then bowed to us all.  He told us that he will continue karate until the day he stops breathing.  I think this year he is 92 years old.  Impressive!

This season's testing class.

We should know in two weeks if he passed his test.  And, then he will get his next belt.  We are incredibly proud of this little martial arts master!  He works hard and listens to his Sensei and it shows in his moves.